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Surname Time period Location Last Name First Name E-mail
Faber 1878- west side Cameron Dondra
Fader 1900s south side McAllister Elsie no e-mail provided
Falgowski 1890-1930 Bridgeport Rust Kathleen
Farrell 1860-now Bridgeport Quinto Patricia
Faulkney 1890s St. David's Ch, 26th & Halsted Stastny Lorraine no e-mail provided
Feeley 1860 439 W. Third (now 1626 W. Erie) Feeley Patricia E.
Feipel 1870- St. Michael's Ch Stiens Marion no e-mail provided
Feller 1900-1930 Jefferson Park, Mayfair Valko George
Feltes 1866-1968 North side; Rosehill Cem Santroch Gail
Ferguson 1880-1911 Chicago Conroy Claudia
Fiegel 1900-1990 North side Fiegel Mary
Fieldhouse 1900s south side Riley Joan
Finegan 1870-1930 South side, Grand Blvd, St. Cecilia's Catholic Ch Lutz Eve
Finger early 1900s Jefferson Twp Harmel Bruce
Finn 1888 Holy Family Catholic Ch Sopcak Betty no e-mail provided
Finnegan 1870-1930 South side, Grand Blvd, St. Cecilia's Catholic Ch Lutz Eve
Fischer 1870s St Michael's Catholic Ch Forrest Leland no e-mail provided
Fischer 1900-1980 Our Lady of the Angels Ch Dickey Nancy J.
Fischer 1890-1980s north side Linhart Deborah
Fisher 1880 Clybourn Avenue, Orchard Street Boyd Beverly
Fisher 1900-1980 Our Lady of the Angels Church Dickey Nancy J.
Fitzgibbon 1855-1980s Holy Family Church, west side Smith Ann W.
Fluke 1920-1935 south side Wagner Jean
Foley 1880-now North side Craine Kathleen
Folger 1920-1950 Bridgeport Rust Kathleen
Follansbee 1840-1900 1027 Wabash Ave Davis Charles
Follansbee 1843 165 State St Davis Charles
Follansbee 1860-1873 1027 Wabash St; Graceland Cem Davis Charles
Forrest 1850s Chicago Forrest Leland no e-mail provided
Forsberg 1890s Chicago Raine June G.
Foster 1890-1900 southwest side Janzen Robert no e-mail provided
Found 1800- north side Compton Diana
Fowler 1830-2010 Chicago Glass Karen
Fransilio 1910-1940 south side Forte Janis M
Franzen 1894 south side Kopecky Joyce
Franzen 1850-now north side and St Boniface Cemetery LaBrie Nola
Fratto 1900s Chicago Mack L.J.
Frauens 1890-1911 3716 Maple Square Weber Florence
Frazin 1886 Wentworth Ave Dreyfuss Angela
Frazinsky 1886 Wentworth Ave Dreyfuss Angela
Freeman 1860s-1960s Chicago Bowler William
Freeman 1920-1950 north side, Berteau Ave Volpe Debby
Freevol 1895-1910 Austin, west side Benson Julie
Frendreis 1900-present St. Alphonsus Catholic Ch Martell Anne
Freund 1917 southwest side Doyle Martin
Freund 1880-1960 North side Peterson Wayne H.
Froehlich 1871-1893 Cook County Insane Asylum Koch William
Froehlich 1900-1930 West Chicago Koch William
Fuller 1900s Chicago Leucht Rebecca
Fyanes 1867- Town of Lake Boyle Terrence

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