Are you digging through genealogical records trying to confirm that family legend that you are the heir to a great fortune? Or pawing through old letters trying to find where great-great-grandpa buried his riches before leaving the Old Country? Well, keep searching, but take a moment to consider that there is a better way for your ancestors to earn you a little spending money. Enter the 2015-2016 CGS Writing Contest, and you could win $500!

The rules are simple: Write 3 to 10 pages about one of your Chicago ancestors. How did they come to Chicago? Where did they live? What did they do? Where did their children and grandchildren end up? How did larger events in Chicago’s history affect their lives? Make the story as engaging and interesting as possible, while sticking to the facts and using proper source citation. (See for full contest rules and requirements.) Entries will be judged on style and how well you demonstrate your research skills.

Chances are, you’ve already done the research – now’s the time to get it all down in narrative form and turn those family stories into cold hard cash! But remember, the true treasure is knowing where you came from, and the pleasure of sharing that knowledge with others.

For examples of stories, see past issues of the CGS quarterly magazine, The Chicago Genealogist.

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Enter the CGS 2015 – 2016 Writing Contest