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Vital Records from Chicago Newspapers, 1849 and later


Names beginning with K - R

KayR. G.Payson, Ill.Death12 Aug 1851WP
KayWilliam T.Payson, Ill.Death12 Aug 1851WP
KeeganJamesMadison, Wis.Marriage16 Jan 1849WP
KelleyAlfred W.UdinaMarriage8 Apr 1851WP
KelleyRev. M. B.Phelp's PrairieMarriage29 May 1849WP
KelloggBenjaminPekin, Tazewell Co.Marriage6 Jun 1849WP
KelloggLydia S.Pittsfield, Mass.Marriage27 May 1851WP
KellumCharlesBarre, Vt.Death29 Jan 1850WP
KellumRebeccaBarry, Pike Co., Ill.Death29 Jan 1850WP
KellyJohn P.KanevilleMarriage8 Apr 1851WP
KellyMargaretRaymond, Racine Co., Wis.Death25 Mar 1851WP
KellyStephenRaymond, Racine Co., Wis.Death25 Mar 1851WP
KelseyHoraceBabcock's GroveMarriage13 Mar 1849WP
KendallDea. SilvanusBig Grove, Kendall Co., Ill.Death16 Apr 1850WP
KendallEllen M.Big Grove, Kendall Co., Ill.Death16 Apr 1850WP
KendrickAnne C.Rochester, N. Y.Death27 May 1851WP
KendrickRev. A. C.Rochester, N. Y.Death27 May 1851WP
KentBenj. A.BeloitMarriage10 Jul 1849WP
KenyonDavid T.JanesvilleMarriage11 Feb 1850WP
KerbyGeorgeJersey Co., Ill.Marriage22 Jan 1850WP
KimballJohn J.NapiervilleMarriage16 Jan 1849WP
KingA.North Vermillion, Grundy Co.Death8 Jan 1850WP
KingAlansonOttawa, Ill.Death11 Dec 1849WP
KingAmanda S.AuroraMarriage19 Feb 1850WP
KingHenrySangamon Co., Ill.Death5 Nov 1850WP
KinneRev. NilesWinnebago Co.Marriage6 Jun 1849WP
KinneyDeacon H.Lick Creek, Sangamon Co., Ill.Death5 Nov 1850WP
KinneyDicyLick Creek, Sangamon Co., Ill.Death5 Nov 1850WP
KinneyEdward PaysonWhitewater, Walworth Co., Wis.Death26 Jun 1849WP
KinneyRev. Martin P.Whitewater, Walworth Co., Wis.Death26 Jun 1849WP
Kinney Melissa A.Whitewater, Walworth Co., Wis.Death26 Jun 1849WP
KirbyD. A.Morton, Tazewell Co.Marriage24 Apr 1849WP
KnappElder S.LockportDeath17 Jun 1851WP
KnappRev. JacobRockfordMarriage23 Jan 1849WP
KnightSusan E.AltoMarriage1 May 1849WP
KnottJamesChicagoMarriage1 Jan 1850WP
KnouseRev. Dr.Cottage Grove, Wis.Marriage6 Aug 1850WP
KooryerGodliebWashington, Ill.Marriage14 Aug 1849WP
LaddAdaline W.Neenah, Wis.Marriage26 Jun 1849WP
LafountaineDemasPlainfieldMarriage18 Mar 1851WP
LainIsaacWaukesha, Wis.Marriage9 Jan 1849WP
LakeDavid J.ChicagoMarriage29 Apr 1851WP
LambJason L.NapiervilleMarriage13 Feb 1849WP
LanfearEnonHomer, Will Co.Marriage3 Dec 1850WP
LarueA. L. JacobusChicagoDeath14 Jan 1851WP
LarueAnna M.ChicagoDeath14 Jan 1851WP
LarueJosephineChicagoDeath14 Jan 1851WP
LathopFrederic A.BeloitMarriage16 Jan 1849WP
LawrenceNewcomMayvilleMarriage11 Feb 1850WP
LawrenceW. A.Ozankee, Wis.Marriage22 Apr 1851WP
LawsonMarthaChicagoMarriage6 Nov 1849WP
LeachSimon M.NapervilleMarriage29 Apr 1851WP
LeeDr. Edward W.Elizabeth, N.J.Marriage8 Nov 1867CR
LeeHenryMillersburgh, Ill.Marriage10 Sep 1850WP
LeightonHarriet E.ManchesterDeath24 Sep 1850WP
LeightonJames R.ManchesterDeath24 Sep 1850WP
LeightonWm.ManchesterDeath24 Sep 1850WP
LelandEleazerGrafton, Mass.Death17 Jul 1849WP
LelandElizabethGrafton, Mass.Death17 Jul 1849WP
LeviseeRev. W.PeruMarriage11 Dec 1849WP
LewisA. B.Clinton, DeWitt Co., Ill.Death8 Jul 1851WP
LewisMajor A.Winnebago Co.Marriage6 Jun 1849WP
LittleEleanor W.Dixon, Ill.Death1 May 1849WP
LittleGeorge OtisDixon, Ill.Death1 May 1849WP
LittleJ. ThomasDixon, Ill.Death1 May 1849WP
LittleSarah FrancesWethersfield, Ill.Marriage28 Aug 1849WP
LommolenaAugustus C.formerly Island of MaderiaMarriage17 Dec 1850WP
LongFrances M.ChicagoMarriage3 Dec 1850WP
LongJamesChicagoMarriage3 Dec 1850WP
LongleyA. T.Koskonong, Jefferson Co., Wis.Marriage18 Dec 1849WP
LoomisRev. TheronRaymond, Wis.Marriage2 Jan 1849WP
LoomisRev. TheronRaymondMarriage26 Jun 1849WP
LordMaryWheatland, Wis.Marriage13 May 1851WP
LossRev. L. H.ChicagoMarriage6 Aug 1850WP
LossRev. L. H.ChicagoMarriage14 Jan 1851WP
LoveMelindaDeKalb Co., Ill.Marriage17 Jun 1851WP
LovejoyLucia JaneTremont, Ill.Marriage5 Feb 1850WP
LovejoyRev. OwenLyndon, Whiteside Co.Marriage11 Feb 1850WP
LoyMaryOttawaMarriage1 May 1849WP
LoydWilliamBeadfordMarriage26 Nov 1849WP
LutherMilberry J.Tazewell Co., Ill.Marriage1 May 1849WP
LymanRev. OrangeDowner's GroveDeath5 Aug 1851WP
LyonCol. JosephBataviaMarriage29 May 1849WP
LyonRev.Grafton, Wis.Marriage16 Jan 1849WP
LyonsEveline M.ChicagoMarriage19 Nov 1850WP
MabieDanielBelvidere, Ill.Death3 Jun 1851WP
MabieEleanorBelvidere, Ill.Death3 Jun 1851WP
MacomberDr. MarvinGalenaDeath7 Aug 1849WP
MadisonJannetPlainfieldMarriage10 Jul 1849WP
MagounRev. Geo. F.GalenaDeath15 May 1849WP
MalcomsonMargaret AnnPalmyra, Wis.Marriage22 Oct 1850WP
MandevilleBeulah T.RockfordMarriage11 Dec 1849WP
MannAaronUdina, Kane Co., Ill.Death29 Apr 1851WP
MannAaronUdinaDeath27 May 1851WP
MannHenriettaKingston, Ill.Marriage14 Aug 1849WP
MannMiss N. J.BeloitMarriage17 Jun 1851WP
MannSarahUdinaDeath27 May 1851WP
MapleElizaHollis, Peoria Co.Marriage24 Sep 1850WP
MapleIsaacLamarsh, Peoria Co., Ill.Death24 Sep 1850WP
MarcyJamesBeloitMarriage26 Nov 1850WP
MarionEdwardDover, Ill.Marriage15 May 1849WP
MarshMarthaMillersburgh, Ill.Marriage10 Sep 1850WP
MarshRev. H.Sheboygan FallsMarriage9 Jan 1849WP
MarshRev. H.Sheboygan FallsMarriage16 Jul 1850WP
MartinEdwardChicagoMarriage3 Jul 1849WP
MartinRev. S. S.near LamoileMarriage3 Jul 1849WP
MartinS. S.Dover, Ill.Marriage15 May 1849WP
MarvinMaxySt. CharlesMarriage10 Jul 1849WP
MarvinRev. J.Riley, McHenry Co., Ill.Marriage16 Jul 1850WP
MasonDanielSaxton's River, Vt.Death5 Aug 1851WP
MasonLucy AnnTaycheedah, Wis.Marriage9 Apr 1850WP
MatherLouisaDuPage Co.Marriage12 Nov 1850WP
MathesonFinlayGenevaMarriage9 Jul 1850WP
MatsonAbbie F.--Marriage7 Nov 1867CR
MatsonRev. L. E.--Marriage7 Nov 1867CR
MatternaFrederick William--Marriage30 Oct 1867CR
McArthurSarahChicagoMarriage14 Jan 1851WP
McCaggIsaacChicagoDeath22 Jul 1851WP
McClaugryDavid T.AltoMarriage1 May 1849WP
McClellanJames, Jr.Port Ulao, Wis.Marriage1 Jul 1851WP
McCollisterJohnChicagoMarriage3 Jul 1849WP
McConkeyDeborahGibbsville, Sheboygan Co.Marriage9 Jan 1849WP
McCordHarriet O.GranvilleDeath5 Aug 1851WP
McCroySamuel C.Beetown, Grant Co., Wis.Marriage13 May 1851WP
McEwenGeorgeLisbon, Kendall Co.Marriage4 Jun 1850WP
McGrathJames--Death8 Nov 1867CR
McGrathJohn D.--Death8 Nov 1867CR
McGrathKate L.--Death8 Nov 1867CR
McHarryMary AnnChicagoMarriage7 Aug 1849WP
McIntyreCatherine--Marriage13 Feb 1849WP
McKenzieAlexanderEssex Co., N. Y.Death15 Jul 1851WP
McMastersRev. Wm.--Marriage22 Oct 1850WP
McMillanLewis LandisPeru, Ill.Death23 Jan 1849WP
McMullenThomasTrenton, Dodge Co., Wis.Marriage26 Feb 1850WP
McNishAlexanderformerly Washington Co., N. Y.Death7 Aug 1849WP
McNishJuneformerly Washington Co., N. Y.Death7 Aug 1849WP
MeachamF. D.--Death5 Nov 1867CR
MeachamHarvey H.ChicagoMarriage6 Aug 1850WP
MeachamLucinda C.WheatonDeath5 Nov 1867CR
MedberryWilliamGenesee, Wis.Marriage22 Oct 1850WP
MeldrimEllenSanta Fe, New MexicoMarriage12 Feb 1850WP
MerrillAsaUdinaMarriage19 Nov 1850WP
MerrillCurtis R.Geneva, Wis.Marriage17 Jul 1849WP
MerrittMartha M.PeruMarriage11 Dec 1849WP
MerwinCharles D.Frankfort, Will Co., Ill.Death17 Dec 1850WP
MetcalfAmandaRiley, McHenry Co., Ill.Marriage16 Jul 1850WP
MetcalfHuldah W.Woodstock, McHenry Co., Ill.Death6 Jun 1849WP
MetcalfThomasWoodstock, McHenry Co., Ill.Death6 Jun 1849WP
MikesellJohnQuincyMarriage17 Dec 1850WP
MikesellKateQuincyMarriage17 Dec 1850WP
MillareJason R.Peoria, Ill.Marriage12 Nov 1850WP
MillerAsherRockfordMarriage23 Jan 1849WP
MillerIraPlainfieldMarriage10 Jul 1849WP
MillerJamesElginDeath13 Mar 1849WP
MillerJaneElginDeath13 Mar 1849WP
MillerPhinehasGarden Prairie, Boone Co., Ill.Marriage31 Dec 1850WP
MillerRev. Daniel R.Aurora, Kane Co., Ill.Marriage29 May 1849WP
MillerRev. Daniel R.AuroraMarriage19 Feb 1850WP
MillerRev. Daniel R.AuroraMarriage26 Feb 1850WP
MillerRev. Daniel R.BataviaMarriage13 May 1851WP
MillerRev. Daniel R.Bristol, Kendall Co.Marriage15 Jul 1851WP
MillerRev. Daniel R.Sugar GroveMarriage12 Aug 1851WP
MillerWilliam A.Santa Fe, New MexicoMarriage12 Feb 1850WP
MillsMarthaBristol, Kendall Co.Marriage15 Jul 1851WP
MinerBenj. Rush B.Elk GroveMarriage11 Dec 1849WP
MinerGeorge EdwardElkhorn, Wis.Death20 Aug 1850WP
MinerMaria C.Elkhorn, Wis.Death20 Aug 1850WP
MinerRev. A.Waukesha, Wis.Marriage9 Jan 1849WP
MinerRev. S. E.Elkhorn, Walworth Co., Wis.Marriage9 Jul 1850WP
MinerRev. S. E.Elkhorn, Wis.Death20 Aug 1850WP
MinorRev. A.Pewaukee, Waukesha Co.Marriage1 Jul 1851WP
MinottCharles F.Cook Co.Marriage8 Jan 1850WP
MiterRev. J. J.MilwaukeeMarriage16 Jan 1849WP
MixDoct. Wm. J.Daysville, Ogle Co., Ill.Death23 Apr 1850WP
MiznerH. B.ChicagoDeath16 Apr 1850WP
MiznerHenryChicagoDeath16 Apr 1850WP
MoffatRuth E.formerly Orange Co., N. Y.Marriage7 Jan 1851WP
MoffattIsaacKalamazoo, Mich.Marriage26 Nov 1850WP
MontagueRev. E. J.Summit, Wis.Marriage23 Jan 1849WP
MontanyeMary JaneSt. CharlesMarriage3 Jul 1849WP
MontgomeryLaura A.ChicagoDeath12 Aug 1851WP
MontgomeryRev. AlexChicagoDeath12 Aug 1851WP
MontgomerySarah AbagailChicagoDeath12 Aug 1851WP
MooreDr. JesseBeloitMarriage22 Jan 1850WP
MooreFranklin C.LisbonMarriage1 May 1849WP
MooreHoraceformerly Vernon, N. Y.Death28 Aug 1849WP
MooreIsabellaBeloitMarriage22 Jan 1850WP
MooreMarthaLisbonDeath28 Aug 1849WP
MooresCol. B. H.Grafton, Wis.Marriage16 Jan 1849WP
MooresMaria P.Grafton, Wis.Marriage16 Jan 1849WP
MorganH. N.PlainfieldMarriage6 Jun 1849WP
MorganWm.Kingston, Ill.Marriage14 Aug 1849WP
MorseDea. JohnMt Hope, McLean Co., Ill.Marriage10 Jul 1849WP
MulfordAnnRoanokeMarriage29 Apr 1851WP
MulfordE. H.Gross Point, Cook Co., Ill.Marriage7 Aug 1849WP
MulfordE. H.RoanokeMarriage29 Apr 1851WP
MulhornRev. DennisOzankee, Wis.Marriage22 Apr 1851WP
MullockWilliamNapervilleMarriage24 Sep 1850WP
MurphyWilliamVirginia SettlementMarriage23 Jan 1849WP
MyersNancy E.Hebron, McHenry Co.Marriage27 Feb 1849WP
NashH. H.--Death5 Nov 1867CR
NeefM. A.AltonMarriage8 Jan 1850WP
NelsonMary AnnChicagoMarriage3 Dec 1850WP
NewellHarriet G.Upper Alton, Madison Co., Ill.Marriage17 Jul 1849WP
NewellRev. I. D.Upper Alton, Madison Co., Ill.Marriage17 Jul 1849WP
NewhallJaneLyndonMarriage6 Jun 1849WP
NewtonJohnChicagoMarriage26 Aug 1851WP
NicholsCarolineChicagoMarriage24 Sep 1850WP
NicholsCharles S.Palmyra, Wis.Marriage22 Oct 1850WP
NicholsNathaniel G.Tremont, Ill.Marriage5 Feb 1850WP
NickersonMariettaChicagoMarriage29 May 1849WP
NixonA. HamiltonMcHenryMarriage20 May 1851WP
NobleAlmira Jane LChicagoDeath23 Jul 1850WP
NobleAnne JaneChicagoDeath5 Aug 1851WP
NobleSamuel J.ChicagoDeath23 Jul 1850WP
NobleSamuel J.ChicagoDeath5 Aug 1851WP
NobleSusan S.ChicagoDeath23 Jul 1850WP
NobleSusan S.ChicagoDeath5 Aug 1851WP
NorthamHenry C.Wilmington, Will Co., Ill.Death17 Dec 1850WP
NortonC. C.ChicagoMarriage3 Dec 1850WP
NortonHenrietta W.Jefferson, Wis.Death23 Apr 1850WP
NortonRev. Oliver W.Jefferson, Wis.Death23 Apr 1850WP
O'TooleBridgetDel Rey, Iroquois Co. Il.Death30 Oct 1867CR
O'TooleMaryDel Rey, Iroquois Co. Il.Death30 Oct 1867CR
O'TooleThomasDel Rey, Iroquois Co. Il.Death30 Oct 1867CR
OakleyCol. CharlesTremontDeath9 Jan 1849WP
OatmanManerva A.KendallMarriage25 Feb 1851WP
OlinLoisMt Hope, McLean Co., Ill.Marriage10 Jul 1849WP
OliverLancelotWethersfield, Ill.Marriage28 Aug 1849WP
OlmsteadAnn B.Shabbonas Grove, DeKalb Co., Ill.Death7 Aug 1849WP
OlmsteadDaniel D.Shabbonas Grove, DeKalb Co., Ill.Death7 Aug 1849WP
OtisHarrisMarengoMarriage20 Feb 1849WP
OuckenRev. J. G.HamburgDeath20 Aug 1850WP
OwenSusannaWilliamstown, Wis.Marriage24 Jun 1851WP
PageHazeltonWethersfield, Henry Co., Ill.Death4 Jun 1850WP
PageMary AnnWethersfield, Henry Co., Ill.Death4 Jun 1850WP
PaineRev. JohnRutlandMarriage6 Aug 1850WP
PalmerMary--Marriage22 Jan 1850WP
PalmerO. T.Aurora, Kane Co.Marriage26 Aug 1851WP
ParkerRebeccaElk Grove, Cook Co.Marriage16 Jul 1850WP
ParkerRev. L.--Marriage6 Jun 1849WP
ParsonsJ. B.ChicagoMarriage13 Feb 1849WP
ParsonsTimothy EdwardsEast DupageDeath23 Jan 1849WP
PattersonRev. ChicagoMarriage28 Aug 1849WP
PattersonRev. R. W.ChicagoMarriage5 Feb 1850WP
PattersonRev. R. W.ChicagoMarriage25 Jun 1850WP
PattersonRev. R. W.ChicagoMarriage13 Aug 1850WP
PattersonRev. R. W.ChicagoMarriage17 Dec 1850WP
PattersonRev. R. W.ChicagoMarriage29 Apr 1851WP
PattersonSarahMount Hope, McLean Co., Ill.Death26 Nov 1850WP
PattinHarrietWethersfield, Ill.Marriage28 Aug 1849WP
PeabodyAmos P.Stonington, Christian Co., Ill.Death20 Aug 1850WP
PeabodySamuel N.Stonington, Christian Co., Ill.Marriage16 Jan 1849WP
PeabodyWilemenia A. F.Stonington, Christian Co., Ill.Death20 Aug 1850WP
PearsollSemanthaLowvilleMarriage1 Jan 1850WP
PearsonElizabethBristolMarriage16 Jul 1850WP
PearsonMargaret E.Bristol, Kendall Co., Ill.Marriage22 Oct 1850WP
PelhamElizabethWarrenville, DuPage Co., Ill.Marriage16 Jul 1850WP
PelhamMary---Marriage16 Jul 1850WP
PendletonElizabeth L. HartHenry, Marshall Co., Ill.Death12 Mar 1850WP
PendletonRev. H. G.Henry, Marshall Co., Ill.Death12 Mar 1850WP
PendletonRev. H. G.Henry, Marshall Co.Marriage30 Jul 1850WP
PetersonMartha AnnPalestine Grove, Lee Co., Ill.Marriage19 Feb 1850WP
PhillipsJohn L.CordovaDeath8 Jan 1850WP
PhillipsRev. C. B.ChicagoMarriage3 Jul 1849WP
PhillipsRev. James M.Hazel Grove, Grant Co., Wis.Marriage3 Dec 1850WP
PhillipsSamintha S.near Pekin, Ill.Marriage22 Apr 1851WP
PhillipsTheodore F.Walnut Hill near ClevelandMarriage18 Mar 1851WP
PittThomasSycamore, Ill.Marriage3 Jun 1851WP
PlumbNancy H.Lake Mills, Wis.Death7 Jan 1851WP
PolkinghorneElizabethBeetown, Grant Co., Wis.Marriage29 Apr 1851WP
PolleyBetseyLodi, Columbia Co., Wis.Marriage14 Aug 1849WP
PoorElizabeth A.Homer, Will Co.Marriage3 Dec 1850WP
PorterEliza C.Green Bay, Wis.Death13 Aug 1850WP
PorterEliza Maria CurtisGreen Bay, Wis.Death13 Aug 1850WP
PorterLewisChicagoMarriage9 Jan 1849WP
PorterMosesHadley, Mass.Death13 Feb 1849WP
PorterMoses, M.D.Hadley, Ill.Marriage11 Dec 1849WP
PorterRev.DuPage Co., Ill.Marriage7 Jan 1851WP
PorterRev. J.Green Bay, Wis.Death13 Aug 1850WP
PorterSarahHadley, Ill.Marriage11 Dec 1849WP
PoterHattie--Marriage30 Oct 1867CR
PotterHenrySomonaukMarriage5 Nov 1850WP
PotterSethMaine, Cook Co., Ill.Death6 May 1851WP
PowellElizaLynn, Wis.Marriage8 Jan 1850WP
PrattJulius A.Wethersfield, Henry Co.Marriage20 Aug 1850WP
PrattLorenzoNapiervilleMarriage27 Feb 1849WP
PrescottAmandaSt. CharlesDeath8 Oct 1850WP
PrescottR. S.St. CharlesDeath8 Oct 1850WP
ProctorDodridge C.Franklin, Milwaukee Co., Wis.Marriage26 Jun 1849WP
PrudenElizabethUdinaMarriage8 Apr 1851WP
PufferDeacon HenryDowner's GroveDeath18 Mar 1851WP
PufferRev. ReubenBerlin, Mass.Death18 Mar 1851WP
QuartonElizabethBellevilleMarriage19 Aug 1851WP
QueenCatherineChicagoMarriage6 Aug 1850WP
QuiglySusannaAltonMarriage8 Jan 1850WP
QuillhotJanePaw PawMarriage4 Mar 1851WP
RansomNancBeadfordMarriage26 Nov 1849WP
RattrayJaneChicagoMarriage19 Aug 1851WP
RavlinN. N.Blackberry, Kane Co.Marriage3 Jul 1849WP
RavlinRev. ThomasBlackberry, Kane Co., Ill.Death12 Nov 1850WP
RaymondAnnaFranklin, Delaware Co., N. Y.Death26 Nov 1849WP
RaymondGeo.ChicagoMarriage26 Nov 1850WP
RaymondLewisFranklin, Delaware Co., N. Y.Death26 Nov 1849WP
RaymondRev. L.ChicagoMarriage9 Apr 1850WP
RaymondRev. LewisChicagoDeath26 Nov 1849WP
RaymondRev. LewisChicagoMarriage1 Jan 1850WP
RaymondRev. LewisChicagoMarriage24 Sep 1850WP
RaymondRev. LewisChicagoMarriage12 Nov 1850WP
RaymondRev. LewisChicagoMarriage19 Nov 1850WP
RaymondRev. LewisChicagoMarriage26 Nov 1850WP
RaymondRev. LewisChicagoMarriage21 Jan 1851WP
RaymondRev. LewisChicagoMarriage19 Aug 1851WP
RaymondRev. LewisChicagoMarriage26 Aug 1851WP
RaymondSusan I.ChicagoDeath29 Apr 1851WP
RaymondSylviaFranklin, Delaware Co., N. Y.Death26 Nov 1849WP
RaymondT. R.ChicagoDeath29 Apr 1851WP
ReadRev. H. W.Madison, Wis.Marriage16 Jan 1849WP
ReadRev. H. W.Santa Fe, New MexicoMarriage12 Feb 1850WP
ReadRev. H. W.Santa Fe, New MexcoMarriage6 May 1851WP
ReedAnselLisbonMarriage1 May 1849WP
ReekwellJamesBataviaMarriage2 Jan 1849WP
ReeserRev. ThomasMukwonago, Waukesha Co., Wis.Marriage14 Jan 1851WP
ReevesE. F.ChicagoMarriage2 Jan 1849WP
ReidMary DrewGenevaMarriage9 Jul 1850WP
RenieMary AnnGarden Prairie, Boone Co., Ill.Marriage31 Dec 1850WP
RetnerLucinda A.Bloomingdale, DuPage Co.Marriage6 Jun 1849WP
ReynoldsRev. W. B.MarengoMarriage20 Feb 1849WP
ReynoldsSusannaChicagoMarriage16 Jul 1850WP
RhodesHenryGibbsville, Sheboygan Co.Marriage9 Jan 1849WP
RiceWilliam H.Elk Grove, Cook Co.Marriage16 Jul 1850WP
RichardsElizabethSycamore, Ill.Marriage25 Mar 1851WP
RichardsonAlonzoClinton, Wis.Death26 Nov 1849WP
RichardsonDoct.Downer's GroveDeath26 Aug 1851WP
RichardsonElizabeth H.Downer's GroveDeath26 Aug 1851WP
RichardsonRev. R.RoanokeMarriage29 Apr 1851WP
RichardsonRev. R. H.--Marriage15 Jul 1851WP
RichardsonSarah Ann H.Clinton, Wis.Death26 Nov 1849WP
RickeyHarriet B.ChicagoMarriage24 Sep 1850WP
RiderFrances A.WoodburnMarriage10 Sep 1850WP
RobbinsEliza C.MuscatineDeath13 Aug 1850WP
RobbinsN. A.Turtle, Wis.Marriage13 Mar 1849WP
RobbinsRev. A. B.MuscatineDeath13 Aug 1850WP
RobbinsRev. LorenHazel Grove, Grant Co., Wis.Marriage3 Dec 1850WP
RobertsEvaChicagoDeath14 Nov 1866CR
RobertsJohn W.ChicagoDeath14 Nov 1866CR
RobinsIra E.Franklin Grove, Lee Co., Ill.Death6 Feb 1849WP
RobinsonGregory B.Kane, Greene Co., Ill.Death27 Feb 1849WP
RobinsonLeeGranvilleDeath5 Aug 1851WP
RobinsonLouisa B.Kane, Greene Co., Ill.Death27 Feb 1849WP
RobinsonLucy A.Madison, Wis.Marriage16 Jan 1849WP
RogersMary L.Downer's Grove, DuPage Co.Marriage26 Nov 1850WP
RogersRev. R. C.Boundbrook, N. J.Marriage5 Aug 1851WP
Roll?LucyWheeling, Cook Co.Death8 Jul 1851WP
RootAngelineHowardville, Stephenson Co., Ill.Marriage3 Dec 1850WP
RosenkransRev. C. E.East TroyMarriage29 May 1849WP
RossThomas W.Lafayette, Stark Co., Ill.Marriage13 Jun 1849WP
RowChloe M.near Toulon, Stark Co., Ill.Marriage30 Jan 1849WP
RowleyElizabethRockfordMarriage23 Jan 1849WP
RowleyMartha AnnRockfordMarriage23 Jan 1849WP
RoyAnn ElectaLyndon, Whiteside Co.Marriage9 Jan 1849WP
RoyceEliChicagoMarriage3 Jul 1849WP
RuckerElizabeth N.ChicagoDeath16 Jan 1849WP
RuckerHenry L.ChicagoDeath10 Apr 1849WP
RuckerJoshuaChicagoDeath16 Jan 1849WP
RuckerMary JaneChicagoDeath10 Apr 1849WP
RunyonC.ChicagoMarriage17 Dec 1850WP
RyderRev. W. H.--Marriage30 Oct 1867CR