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Vital Records from Chicago Newspapers, 1849 and later


Names beginning with S - Y

SalisburyAlvinChicagoDeath2 Apr 1850WP
SalisburyAzro NewtonChicagoDeath2 Apr 1850WP
SalisburyJane C.ChicagoDeath2 Apr 1850WP
SargentS. W.Fond du Lac Co.Marriage1 May 1849WP
SaundersonElvira MariaHollis, N. H.Death1 May 1849WP
SaundersonJonathanHollis, N. H.Death1 May 1849WP
SavageRev. G. S. F.St. CharlesMarriage13 Mar 1849WP
SavageRev. G. S. F.St. Charles, Ill.Marriage6 Jun 1849WP
SavageRev. G. S. F.St. CharlesMarriage3 Jul 1849WP
SaxtonAsaWiota, Wis.Death30 Jul 1850WP
SaxtonAsaWiota, Wis.Death20 Aug 1850WP
SaxtonFrances CarolineWiota, Wis.Death20 Aug 1850WP
SaxtonHelenaWiota, Wis.Death30 Jul 1850WP
SaxtonHelenaWiota, Wis.Death20 Aug 1850WP
SaxtonJoy ColemanWiota, Wis.Death30 Jul 1850WP
SchofieldRev. J.FreeportMarriage19 Aug 1851WP
SchoonoverHelenNapiervilleMarriage13 Feb 1849WP
ScofieldRev. E., Jr.Fox, Kendall Co., Ill.Marriage10 Dec 1850WP
ScofieldRev. EbenezerPavilion, Kendall Co.Marriage28 Jan 1851WP
ScofieldRev. Ebenezer, Jr.KendallMarriage25 Feb 1851WP
ScofieldRev. Ebenezer, Jr.Pavilion, Kendall Co., Ill.Marriage25 Mar 1851WP
ScrippsGeorge W.Rushville, Ill.Marriage19 Nov 1850WP
SearsE. H.ChicagoMarriage25 Jun 1850WP
SebastianLudisaTremont, Ill.Marriage5 Feb 1850WP
SemonsLawrenceSt. CharlesMarriage3 Jul 1849WP
SenricLucindaKaneville, Kane Co.Marriage11 Feb 1850WP
ShallenbergerMartinToulonMarriage10 Jul 1849WP
SharpCatherine R.MilwaukeeMarriage4 Mar 1851WP
SharpRev. JohnMilwaukeeMarriage4 Mar 1851WP
ShawJaneUpper Okaw, Coles Co.Marriage22 Oct 1850WP
ShawMrs. H. M.ChicagoDeath13 Mar 1849WP
ShawRev. JamesChicagoDeath13 Mar 1849WP
SheldonZachariahLowvilleMarriage1 Jan 1850WP
SheltonAdelaideRaymond, Racine Co., Wis.Death20 May 1851WP
ShepardsonWilliamRoss Grove, DeKalb Co.Marriage8 Jan 1850WP
ShephardHarriet M.Portland, Conn.Marriage1 Jul 1851WP
ShermanHiramChicagoDeath6 Aug 1850WP
SherwoodS. J.--Marriage11 Mar 1851WP
ShortNaomiChicagoMarriage26 Aug 1851WP
ShumwayLyman U.Raymond, Wis.Marriage2 Jan 1849WP
SibleyCharles P.Sheboygan FallsMarriage16 Jul 1850WP
SimonJohn J.Hadley, Ill.Marriage11 Dec 1849WP
SissonSusanLockportMarriage1 Oct 1850WP
SkinnerMary E.Windsor, Vt.Marriage20 Jun 1849WP
SkinnerMary L.Elk GroveMarriage16 Apr 1850WP
Smart Harry C.ChicagoMarriage8 Nov 1867CR
SmedesAbramNew YorkMarriage11 Mar 1851WP
SmedesMary A.--Marriage11 Mar 1851WP
SmithAlfred--Marriage15 Jul 1851WP
SmithAngelineMilwaukeeMarriage16 Jan 1849WP
SmithAnn ElizaPlainfieldMarriage17 Dec 1850WP
SmithDoct. ElijahAddison, Ill.Marriage7 Jan 1851WP
SmithEllenComo, Whiteside Co., Ill.Death29 Jul 1851WP
SmithGeorgeChicagoMarriage14 Aug 1849WP
SmithGeorge ClarkBristol, Dane Co., Wis.Death19 Feb 1850WP
SmithHoward F.Como, Whiteside Co., Ill.Death29 Jul 1851WP
SmithJoanna H.Roxbury, Mass.Marriage29 Apr 1851WP
SmithJohiel B.LyndonMarriage5 Feb 1850WP
SmithJohnSanta Fe, New MexcoMarriage6 May 1851WP
SmithLucinaPlainfieldMarriage17 Dec 1850WP
SmithMary H.StoningtonMarriage18 Dec 1849WP
SmithOrsonChicagoMarriage13 Aug 1850WP
SmithRobertHampshire, Kane Co., Il.Death7 Nov 1867CR
SmithSarah A.ChicagoMarriage13 Aug 1850WP
SmithSusan ElizaPort Ulao, Wis.Marriage1 Jul 1851WP
SmithTildenDundee, Kane Co.Death24 Dec 1850WP
Smith Rev. Edwin G.DoverMarriage11 Feb 1850WP
SnyderPhebePlainfieldMarriage24 Sep 1850WP
SnyderWilliamnear Pekin, Ill.Marriage22 Apr 1851WP
SoperJane A.Darien, Walworth Co., Wis.Marriage3 Dec 1850WP
SpauldingJane A.UdinaMarriage19 Nov 1850WP
SpauldingJohnSault St. MarieMarriage30 Jan 1849WP
SpauldingMathida S.AuroraMarriage26 Feb 1850WP
SponkrableMariaMarengoMarriage20 Feb 1849WP
SpragueDoliskaGenesee, Wis.Marriage22 Oct 1850WP
SquierDr. EliasOgle Co., Ill.Marriage30 Jul 1850WP
StanleyDexterDowners Grove, DuPage Co., Ill.Death20 Feb 1849WP
StarkweatherGeorgePlainfieldMarriage17 Dec 1850WP
StecherRev. Anthony F.Springfield, Ill.Death20 Aug 1850WP
StephensEdwinTroy, Ill.Marriage8 Jan 1850WP
StephensHosmerSt. CharlesMarriage10 Jul 1849WP
StevensAllenChicagoMarriage9 Jan 1849WP
StevensonSarahBristol, Kendall Co.Marriage24 Jul 1849WP
StewartJaneChicagoMarriage6 Feb 1849WP
StewartMary E.ChicagoMarriage25 Jun 1850WP
StickneyElder James M.Franklin Settlement, Stark Co.Marriage17 Sep 1850WP
StidhamRoxanaStark Co.Marriage10 Jul 1849WP
StilwellJames B.Mukwonago, Waukesha Co., Wis.Marriage14 Jan 1851WP
StimsonWilliam E.Michigan City, Ind.Death31 Dec 1850WP
StoferPhereFranklin Settlement, Stark Co.Marriage17 Sep 1850WP
StoneFranklinSheboyganMarriage11 Feb 1850WP
StoneJohnAuburn, Mass.Death20 Aug 1850WP
StonePermeliaAuburn, Mass.Death20 Aug 1850WP
StoneRev. L.ChicagoMarriage5 Mar 1850WP
StoryMartinChicagoMarriage7 Aug 1849WP
StowWm. H.ChicagoMarriage19 Aug 1851WP
StrattonAsenatteColumbus, Wis.Death10 Dec 1850WP
StrecherTheodora MatildaSpringfield, Ill.Marriage4 Jun 1850WP
StrongEliza J.Kalamazoo, Mich.Marriage26 Nov 1850WP
StrykerGertrude M.Summit, Wis.Marriage23 Jan 1849WP
SwartwontM. Augusta--Marriage30 Oct 1867CR
SwazeyRev. Arthur--Marriage8 Nov 1867CR
SweetPatienceBerwick, Warren Co., Ill.Death20 Feb 1849WP
SweetRev. JoelBerwick, Warren Co., Ill.Death20 Feb 1849WP
SwiftElizabeth M.Little RockMarriage16 Jul 1850WP
SwopeRev. C. E.--Marriage11 Mar 1851WP
TaftElizabeth CatherineLowell, Mass.Death6 Aug 1850WP
TaftHenry C.Lowell, Mass.Death6 Aug 1850WP
TaylorEleanorNantes in FranceDeath19 Nov 1850WP
TaylorGeorgeNantes in FranceDeath19 Nov 1850WP
TaylorJamesChicagoMarriage6 Feb 1849WP
TaylorJane--Marriage22 Jan 1850WP
TaylorRev. W. G.PittsburgMarriage6 Feb 1849WP
TaylorRev. W. G.Hadley, Ill.Marriage11 Dec 1849WP
TaylorRev. W. G.Hadley, Ill.Marriage10 Sep 1850WP
TaylorWilliamChicagoMarriage16 Jul 1850WP
ThomasHarrietSt. CharlesMarriage13 Mar 1849WP
ThomasHon. Jesse B.ChicagoDeath26 Feb 1850WP
ThomasHon. Jesse B.Mount Vernon, Knox Co., OhioDeath15 Jul 1851WP
ThomasMary L. AnnWheeling, Cook Co., Ill.Death27 Mar 1849WP
ThomasNathanBurnett, Dodge Co., Wis.Marriage24 Dec 1850WP
ThomasRebeccaMount Vernon, Knox Co., OhioDeath15 Jul 1851WP
ThompsonCatharine H.Dundee, Ill.Marriage19 Nov 1850WP
ThompsonChelseaBeloit, Wis.Marriage8 Jan 1850WP
ThompsonJ.ElginMarriage17 Sep 1850WP
ThompsonMartha M.--Marriage27 Feb 1849WP
ThompsonT. H.Dundee, Ill.Marriage19 Nov 1850WP
ThorpJohn T., Jr.Hebron, McHenry Co.Marriage27 Feb 1849WP
ThurbunJulia A.Mukwanago, Wis.Death28 Aug 1849WP
ThurbunRev. Rufus H.Mukwanago, Wis.Death28 Aug 1849WP
ThurburRev. Rufus H.Mukwonago, Wis.Marriage14 Jan 1851WP
TipseyEmelineWilliamson Co., Ill.Marriage29 May 1849WP
TobiasMargaret A.ChicagoMarriage13 Jun 1849WP
ToddRev. Dr.Pittsfield, Mass.Marriage27 May 1851WP
ToddRev. R. R.Woodstock, McHenry Co., Ill.Marriage26 Jun 1849WP
TolmanBetsyUpper Alton, Ill.Death17 Jul 1849WP
TolmanC. W.Groveland HeightsMarriage24 Apr 1849WP
TolmanEdgar JohnLittle Rock, Kendall Co., Ill.Death8 Oct 1850WP
TolmanJ. F.Upper Alton, Ill.Death17 Jul 1849WP
TolmanJerusha AllenCarrolton, Green Co., Ill.Death26 Nov 1850WP
TolmanRev. J. N.--Marriage13 Feb 1849WP
TolmanRev. J. N.Carrolton, Green Co., Ill.Death26 Nov 1850WP
TorreyDanielPayson, Ill.Death12 Nov 1850WP
TorreyEllaPayson, Ill.Death12 Nov 1850WP
TorreyPriscillaPayson, Ill.Death12 Nov 1850WP
TowseDoct. Lucius E.Newark, Rock Co., Wis.Marriage24 Dec 1850WP
TracyJennete AdamsCanton, Ill.Death11 Mar 1851WP
TracyStephen Canton, Ill.Death11 Mar 1851WP
TraversTheodore H.--Marriage30 Oct 1867CR
TremainRev. M. B.East Troy, Walworth Co., Wis.Marriage31 Dec 1850WP
TreransunElizabethChicagoMarriage14 Aug 1849WP
TrowbridgeEliza A.Sheboygan FallsMarriage9 Jan 1849WP
TuckerRev. Dr.ChicagoMarriage9 Jan 1849WP
TuckerRev. Dr.ChicagoMarriage6 Feb 1849WP
TuckerRev. Dr.ChicagoMarriage29 May 1849WP
TuckerRev. Dr.ChicagoMarriage13 Jun 1849WP
TuckerRev. Dr.ChicagoMarriage14 Aug 1849WP
TuckerRev. Dr.ChicagoMarriage22 Jan 1850WP
TuckerRev. Dr.ChicagoMarriage16 Apr 1850WP
TuckerRev. Dr.ChicagoMarriage16 Jul 1850WP
TuckerRev. ElishaChicagoMarriage3 Dec 1850WP
TuckerRev. S.NapiervilleMarriage13 Feb 1849WP
TuckerRev. S.NapervilleMarriage24 Sep 1850WP
TuckerRev. S.PlainfieldMarriage24 Sep 1850WP
TuttleMiloBig RockMarriage5 Nov 1850WP
UphamDea. LeonardRaymond, Racine Co., Wis.Death25 Mar 1851WP
UttMargaretJersey Co., Ill.Marriage22 Jan 1850WP
VaileRev. W. F.Wethersfield, Henry Co.Marriage20 Aug 1850WP
VaillRev. W. F.Wethersfield, Ill.Marriage28 Aug 1849WP
Van DykeJohnPlainfieldMarriage17 Dec 1850WP
Van OstromLovica H.Udina, Kane Co.Marriage17 Sep 1850WP
Van VechtenSarah C.Waukesha, Wis.Marriage9 Jan 1849WP
VanmetreJacobMeade Co., Ky.Death25 Mar 1851WP
VaughnAnn B.New JerseyMarriage22 Jan 1850WP
VintonRev. A. H.Roxbury, Mass.Marriage29 Apr 1851WP
VoseElishaBoston, Mass.Death28 Jan 1851WP
VroomWilliamElk GroveMarriage17 Dec 1850WP
WadsworthD.ChicagoDeath13 Mar 1849WP
WadsworthJason C.JeffersonMarriage22 Jan 1850WP
WaitNelsonFayvilleMarriage10 Jul 1849WP
WalkerCharlesChicagoMarriage16 Jul 1850WP
WalkerJane B.St. Charles, Ill.Marriage6 Jun 1849WP
WalkerJohn G.Groveland, Ill.Marriage7 Aug 1849WP
WalkerLeviTremont, Ill.Marriage5 Feb 1850WP
WalkerMary C.ChicagoMarriage16 Jul 1850WP
WalkerRev. J. B.--Marriage22 May 1849WP
WalkerRev. J. B.--Marriage3 Jul 1849WP
WalkerRev. O. T.North Stonington, Ct.Marriage18 Dec 1849WP
WalkerWalter B.Somonauk, DeKalb Co., Ill.Marriage5 Feb 1850WP
WardCalvinSt. Charles, Kane Co.Death9 Apr 1850WP
WardCapt. EberSt. Clair Co., Mich.Marriage13 Feb 1849WP
WardNabbySt. Charles, Kane Co.Death9 Apr 1850WP
WardNancyFox, Kendall Co., Ill.Marriage10 Dec 1850WP
WardWilliam A.KendallMarriage25 Feb 1851WP
WareLucy AnnLyndon, Whiteside Co.Marriage11 Feb 1850WP
WarnerLuciusColumbus, Wis.Death10 Dec 1850WP
WarnerNelsonGeneva, Kane Co.Marriage6 Feb 1849WP
WarrenJane M.WarrenvilleMarriage16 Apr 1850WP
WarrenRev. James H.GalesburgMarriage23 Jul 1850WP
WarrenSeraphWarrenvilleMarriage16 Jan 1849WP
WarrinerRev. N.Paw Paw, Lee Co., Ill.Death22 May 1849WP
WaterburyMariaChicagoMarriage9 Jan 1849WP
WatermanJames S.Sycamore, DeKalb Co.Death7 Jan 1851WP
WatermanMary A.Sycamore, DeKalb Co.Death7 Jan 1851WP
WatersBenjaminElk GroveMarriage6 Mar 1849WP
WatsonGeorge W.Tazewell Co., Ill.Marriage1 May 1849WP
WebberLucy AnnRaymond, Racine Co., Wis.Death20 May 1851WP
WebsterEdwin E., M.D.WoodburnMarriage10 Sep 1850WP
WebsterGeo. W.NapiervilleDeath6 Feb 1849WP
WebsterJuliaBataviaMarriage13 May 1851WP
WeedRev. I. M.ChicagoMarriage3 Dec 1850WP
WelchWilliamChicagoMarriage9 Jan 1849WP
WellsRev. E. E.Dundee, Kane Co.Marriage5 Nov 1850WP
WellsRev. E. E.Dundee, Ill.Marriage19 Nov 1850WP
WestDr. DavidSycamoreDeath6 Feb 1849WP
WestFrancis A.Blackberry, Kane Co.Marriage3 Jul 1849WP
WestJesseKanevilleMarriage15 Jul 1851WP
WestJesse T.Blackberry, Kane Co., Ill.Death12 Nov 1850WP
WestMiss M. P.Springdale, Wis.Marriage7 Jan 1851WP
WestNarcissaBlackberry, Kane Co., Ill.Death12 Nov 1850WP
WestRev. Wm.Springdale, Wis.Marriage7 Jan 1851WP
WestSarahSycamoreDeath6 Feb 1849WP
WestW. B.Blackberry, Kane Co.Marriage3 Jul 1849WP
WheelerColumbusCarlinville, Macoupin Co.Marriage15 May 1849WP
WheelockDanielSt. CharlesMarriage7 Jan 1851WP
WheelockLaura J.ChicagoMarriage17 Dec 1850WP
WheelockRev. JamesBoston, Mass.Marriage17 Dec 1850WP
Whipple Miss P. I.Janesville, Wis.Marriage12 Nov 1850WP
WhitakerNathanielGranvilleMarriage5 Aug 1851WP
WhiteCapt. WilliamChicagoMarriage24 Sep 1850WP
WhiteWilliam P.PlainfieldMarriage23 Jul 1850WP
WhitingJohn B.Elk GroveMarriage16 Apr 1850WP
WhitingJosephPalestine Grove, Lee Co., Ill.Marriage19 Feb 1850WP
WightElviraPlainfieldMarriage23 Jul 1850WP
WightmaReuben Oscar---Marriage18 Mar 1851WP
WightmanGeorgePlainfieldMarriage1 Oct 1850WP
WilcoxOliverNew YorkDeath23 Apr 1850WP
WilderSampson V. S.St. Charles, Kane Co.Death9 Apr 1850WP
WildesJane E.Koskonong, Jefferson Co., Wis.Marriage18 Dec 1849WP
WillburRev. Trenton, Dodge Co., Wis.Marriage20 Jun 1849WP
WilliamsAnneChicagoMarriage22 May 1849WP
WilliamsE. S. ChicagoMarriage29 Oct 1850WP
WilliamsLucyChicagoDeath29 Oct 1850WP
WilliamsSamuelFox, Kendall Co., Ill.Marriage10 Dec 1850WP
WilliamsThomasDarien, Walworth Co., Wis.Marriage3 Dec 1850WP
WilliamsWm. P.Bureau Co.Marriage10 Jul 1849WP
WilloughbyJohnHollis, N. H.Death1 May 1849WP
WilsonCharlotte A.McHenry, McHenry Co., Ill.Death1 Apr 1851WP
WilsonDavid C.McHenry, McHenry Co., Ill.Death1 Apr 1851WP
WilsonNaomiCarlinville, Macoupin Co.Marriage15 May 1849WP
WinnMatilda C.ChicagoMarriage15 Jul 1851WP
WinslowDr. Lawson A.Sugar GroveMarriage12 Aug 1851WP
WismannMaryChicagoDeath23 Jul 1850WP
WismenunMinenMilwaukeeMarriage9 Apr 1850WP
WolcottNathanielJanesville, Wis.Marriage13 Mar 1849WP
WoodEliza JanetteMaine, Cook Co., Ill.Death6 May 1851WP
WoodHenrySycamore, Ill.Marriage25 Mar 1851WP
WoodbridgeCharlesChicagoDeath29 Oct 1850WP
WoodbridgeJohn C.ChicagoDeath29 Oct 1850WP
WoodbridgeJohn Jr.--Marriage15 Jul 1851WP
WoodbridgeRebecca M.Hadley, Mass.Marriage29 Oct 1850WP
WoodbridgeRev. Dr.Hadley, Mass.Marriage29 Oct 1850WP
WoodruffCurtisChicagoMarriage24 Sep 1850WP
WoodwardGeorge M.CordovaDeath8 Jan 1850WP
WoodwardRuth AnnCordovaDeath8 Jan 1850WP
WoodworthRev. JacobWarrenvilleMarriage16 Apr 1850WP
WoolsonElectaPavilion, Kendall Co.Marriage28 Jan 1851WP
WorkRev. P.SheboyganMarriage11 Feb 1850WP
WorstellWm. M.St. LouisMarriage1 Jul 1851WP
WrightCatherine B.--Death12 Feb 1850WP
WrightElizaLisbonMarriage1 May 1849WP
WrightFrancis P.Pekin, Tazewell Co.Marriage17 Jun 1851WP
WrightIsaacChicagoMarriage24 Jul 1849WP
WrightJames F.---Marriage17 Jul 1849WP
WrightJohn S.--Death12 Feb 1850WP
WrightO. H.Freeport, Ill.Death25 Mar 1851WP
WrightRev. C. M.Lowell, LaSalle Co., Ill.Marriage12 Feb 1850WP
WrightRev. S. G.near Toulon, Stark Co., Ill.Marriage30 Jan 1849WP
WrightRev. S. G.Rochester, Stark Co.Marriage10 Apr 1849WP
WrightRev. S. G.Lafayette, Stark Co., Ill.Marriage13 Jun 1849WP
WrightRev. S. G.Toulon, Stark Co., Ill.Marriage10 Jul 1849WP
WrightRev. S. G.Toulon, Stark Co., Ill.Marriage24 Sep 1850WP
WrightSamuelMoultrie Co.Marriage22 Oct 1850WP
WrightTimothyChicagoMarriage29 Apr 1851WP
WrightWalter Fauntleroy--Death12 Feb 1850WP
WybertWilliam G.Lowell, LaSalle Co., Ill.Marriage12 Feb 1850WP
WychoffAngelina H.Stark Co.Marriage10 Apr 1849WP
YaleMrs. Anear Lafayette, Stark Co., Ill.Death10 Apr 1849WP
YaleNewalFranklin Grove, Ill.Death23 Jan 1849WP
YoungHenrySt. CharlesMarriage7 Jan 1851WP