The Chicago Genealogical Society has been producing a quarterly since 1969. Now, you can search our past issues!

The Chicago Genealogical Society has been producing a quarterly since 1969. Now, you can search our past issues! With thanks to the Newberry Library for coordinating the digitization, the quarterlies are available through CARLI (Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois) Digital Collections site.

The Chicago Genealogist – contents per issue

vol. 43 #2 Winter 2010-2011
Illinois Staats Zeitung translations: part VII-B, October 1-31, 1872;
Vital records from the “Chicago Record” and “Chicago Times Herald” 1894 and 1898-1899;
Challenges in researching my great great grandfather: Johann Christian Hagner and family

vol. 43 #1 Fall 2010
Cover photo: Dorothy Vernona Gastfield;
Illinois Staats Zeitung translations: part VII-A, October 1-15, 1872;
Genealogical research solves a family mystery;
Barrett uncovers Chicago’s oldest marriage license: John G. Blain and Alice Miller;
Seeking William Gastfield/Geistfeld his origins and descendants;
Below/Buelow family materials;
Berggren family Bible

vol. 42 #4 Summer 2010
Illinois Staats Zeitung translations: part VI-B, September 16-30, 1872;
Growing up in Chicago: the thirties decade as I remember it;
An original Chicago probate record comes home: Edward V. Price

vol. 42 #3 Spring 2010
Illinois Staats Zeitung translations: part VI-A, September 1-16, 1872;
John Kane and Sabina (Madden) Kane;
Summer memories of visits at my grandparents;
Documentation for the CGS ancestor certificate program

vol. 42 #2 Winter 2009-2010
Illinois Staats Zeitung translations: part V, August 1872;
Pioneer Ancestor Certificates #355-369 and Rebuilder Ancestor Certificates #14-20;
Van Vlissingen School in Chicago (Roseland)

vol. 42 #1 Fall 2009
Illinois Staats Zeitung translations: part IV, July 1872;
Remembering the 1920s decade

vol. 41 #4 Summer 2009
Cover photo: Thomas Hatton Gravestock;
Thomas Hatton Gravestock;
Illinois Staats Zeitung translations: part III, June 1872;
University of Chicago: remembering a time;
Harrison Technical High School, graduation Class of February 1941

vol. 41 #3 Spring 2009
Cover photo: Frances Elizabeth Strayer
Illinois Staats Zeitung translations: part II, April-May 1872;
Chicago River cruise October 4, 2008 photographs;
Examination of title: Lot 12 in Block 5 in Corwith’s Resubdivision in Section 36, Town 39 North, Range 13 East in the “Town of Brighton” in Cook County

vol. 41 #2 Winter 2008-2009
Cover photo: Addie McKenzie;
Illinois Staats Zeitung translations: part I, pre-1872 and Jan-Mar 1872;
Of wealth and war: Samuel Lowe writes home;
Anna L. Smith, Chicago suffragette;
An old inhabitant resurrected: Abram A. Markle

vol. 41 #1 Fall 2008
Austin High School, June class of 1948;
John L. Marsh Grammar School, graduation class of February 1935;
Confirmation class of March 25, 1934, Evangelical Lutheran Church, 2619 E. 76th Street, Chicago;
Lost and found: photographs of two unknown men

vol. 40 #4 Summer 2008
Cover photo: Alma Dye;
Additional late 19th and early 20th century Chicagoans in photographs;
St. Thomas the Apostle High School Classes of 1939-1942;
Pioneer Ancestor Certificates #301-354, and Rebuilder Ancestor Certificates #1-13;
Family of James Joscelyne;
Saint Dominic High School yearbook 1956;
Wedding of Otto Daniel Meister and Agnes Uber September 24, 1885;
St. Francis de Sales High School, graduating Class of 1954

vol. 40 #3 Spring 2008
Cover photo: Austin High School circa 1947;
Austin High School, January Class of 1948;
Saint Dominic High School yearbook 1955;
Wedding photograph of Sidney Albin Carlson and Dora Meister;
William Howard Taft High School, Classes of 1947

vol. 40 #2 Winter 2007-2008
Cover photo: John C. Uber and Fredericka Drewing on their wedding day, February 22, 1864;
Baptisms in St James’ Catholic Church register of confederate soldiers interred at Camp Douglas, Chicago;
Lewis-Champlin School, Class of June 1913;
Hyde Park High School, “Aitchpe” yearbook 1934-1935;
Using coroner’s records;
City of Chicago Ordinance 1861: prohibiting bathing in the lake

vol. 40 #1 Fall 2007
CGS at 40;
Did you know our great great uncle was a mayor of Chicago?
Renamed streets of Chicago, 1900;
Index to listing of obituaries from “Illinois Staats Zeitung” Jul-Dec 1871;
Alward’s of Woodbridge, Scipio, South Bend, Niles and Chicago;
Photograph of Class 7A-7B of Bateman School, 1939-1940;
Photograph of kindergarten class of Bateman School, 1934

vol. 39 #4 Summer 2007
Cover photo: Mr. and Mrs. Albert Resslar, 1890
19th century Chicago deaths reported in Harvard Illinois Newspapers [1889 – 1898];
Bowen High School, Graduating classes of 1936;
Catholic Directory for the churches and clergy of the City of Chicago, 1852;
Old settlers’ roll of honor compiled by Dr. Charles J. Lewis;
Mrs. Robert Kinzie dead “Chicago Daily News” September 11, 1894;
CGS Salt Lake City research trip 2007

vol. 39 #3 Spring 2007
Cover photo: unknown Danish man;
Rescuing and reuniting photographs: cabinet cards and carte de visites taken 1880s – 1900;
Chicago – Mud City, 1848 to 1855;
John Marshall High School, Class of January 1933

vol. 39 #2 Winter 2007
Death and marriage extracts from “Chicago Times” 19 June 1891 and 30 May 1895 and “Chicago Times Herald” 8 Oct 1896;
A cousin’s legacy [Sutherland];
Margaret Sutherland’s autograph book, Hibbard Elementary School, 1926;
Anna Bates: musician and mother;
Employees at the Dunning Institution, “Chicago Tribune” 28 Aug 1895;
Roald Amundsen High School, Class of 1938;
To “B” or not to “B”, Blaski or Blaszkowski: a DNA success story

vol. 39 #1 Fall 2006
Cover photo: Catherine Margaret Joyce and Thomas Martin Sanderson on their wedding day April 1, 1917;
American tradition: wartime romances. Chapter four of the “Gathering of the Clans”;
More late 19th and early 20th century Chicagoans in photographs;
Pullman Free School of Manual Training, 1946

vol. 38 #4 Summer 2006
Cover photo: tombstone of Anton and Louise Vollmann, St Joseph’s Cemetery, Wilmette, Illinois;
Four cemeteries and a serendipity: a successful focused research trip case study;
Central YMCA Preparatory Schools, Classes of 1923 and 1924;
Journey to Hennethal;
Lincoln School, 8th Grade Class, 1947;
Obituary: Laverne B. Brehmer

vol. 38 #3 Spring 2006
Cover photo: Hirsch High School, 1937;
Hirsch High School graduates June 1937;
Hirsch High School freshmen 1937;
Carl Schurz High School, Gold Stars, 1944;
Altenheim Cemetery update;
Student government heads of Chicago Latin School and Girls’ Latin School of Chicago

vol. 38 #2 Winter 2005
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum;
Third hundred Pioneer Ancestor applications;
Chicago Pioneer Ancestor: Ebenezer Wakeley, Jr.;
Hirsch High School graduates, February 1937;
Late 19th and early 20th century asylums in Chicago

vol. 38 #1 Fall 2005
Cover photo: Loretta Mary O’Neil and Thomas Francis Hunt on their wedding day in the early 1920s;
Founding of a new dynasty: chapter three of “The gathering of the clans”;
Chicago Latin School for Boys, Class of June 1927;
Graduating class of the Skinner School, 1900;
St. Louis Academy High School, Chicago, Graduating class of 1952

vol. 37 #4 Summer 2005
Cover photo: Allen C. Lewis;
90th anniversary of the Eastland disaster of July 25, 1915;
The Lewis [Institute] Annual (Volume three), 1905;
A source of family history information: inventory of Chicago area yearbooks, directories and histories;
Photographs of CGS research trip to Salt Lake City in 2005

vol. 37 #3 Spring 2005
Late 19th and early 20th century Chicagoans in photographs;
Going back in time : going back into Ireland;
Thompson Burials in Lot 137 at Graceland Cemetery;
Dedication of Rosehill Cemetery;
Good Counsel High School, Class of 1946;
Educational Chicago, “Chicago Tribune”, 6 Sep 1890

vol. 37 #2 Winter 2004-2005
Bates Directory of the Wholesale Fruit, Vegetable, and Produce Industry, 1934;
In search of Mary Branca;
Chicago Pioneer Ancestor, William Huckell 1847-1909

vol. 37 #1 Fall 2004
Cover photo: Margaret Mary Grace Hunt;
Americans, our common ancestors: chapter two of the “Gathering of the clans”;
Follow up to article about Austin High School Class of 1929

vol. 36 #4 Summer 2004
Cover photo: Civil War graves in Oak Woods Cemetery;
Austin High School Class of 1929;
Aaron Lodge #913;
Photographs of CGS members touring Union Ridge Cemetery, May 2003;
Photographs of CGS research trip to Salt Lake City, September 2003;
Photographs of CGS bus tour, October 2003;
Genealogical eesearch in the collection of the Fire Museum of Greater Chicago;
Illinois State Fair of 1865 in Chicago;
Memories of early 20th century;
Graceland Cemetery, then and now (Thomas Coke Thompson)

vol. 36 #3 Spring 2004
Cover photo: map of Chicago’s Plank and Rail Road Systems in 1852;
Western Plank Road Company, 1851-1852;
Dunlap’s Store, North Water Street: ledger excerpts 1839-1845;
Chicagoans of Scottish origin buried by the Illinois St. Andrew Society in sections D and E of Rosehill Cemetery;
Memories of 1930s Chicago;
Jenner Medical College, graduates 1915
Our Lady of the Angels School, Class of 1930

vol. 36 #2 Winter 2003-2004
Cover photo: Annie McClure Hitchcock;
Cousin Annie, Chicago pioneer and philanthropist;
Index to listing of obituaries from “Illinois Staats Zeitung”, Jul – Dec 1871;
Rova family;
Late 19th and early 20th century Chicagoans in photographs;
Safe place: a reminiscence of Chicago in World War II

vol. 36 #1 Fall 2003
Cover photo: Thomas James Hunt;
Immigrant ancestors : Chapter one of “The gathering of the clans”;
Index to listing of obituaries from “Illinois Staats Zeitung”, Jan – Jun 1871;
Name change

vol. 35 #4 Summer 2003
Cover photo: Kennicott House in the Grove, before renovation;
Bohemian National Cemetery: Burials January thru April 1903;
The Grove, Glenview, Cook County, and a history of Glenview;
Letters between Sweden and Chicago

Vol. 35 #3 Spring 2003
A visit to the Family History Library and FamilySearch Center in Salt Lake City;
Photographs from our Society’s Salt Lake City Research trip in October 2002;
The international floor of the Family History Library;
Grandma Annie and the great Chicago fire;
Isaac Speer, Chicago pioneer;
Photograph of Clyde and Hattie Soltow Northrup

vol. 35 #2 Winter 2002-2003
Cover photo: Gustav & Anna Hagner on their wedding day;
Gustav Hagner meets Anna Waldschmidt;
James Charles Chrishop;
Nash Grammar School, Graduating Class, June 20, 1924;
Skinner Public School;
Ksanders in Chicago 1870-2002;
Steamer “Thomas Jefferson”;
Steam boat “Monroe”;
Index of Names for the 17th Annual May Festival Concert Cook County Sunday School Association, Friday, May 27, 1910

vol. 35 #1 Fall 2002
Cover photo: Hubert Herman Seyl circa 1892;
Story of Peter Seyl;
Contemporary Account of the Chicago Fire of October 9, 1871;
Biographies of Cassius M. Wicker and Cyrus W. Wicker;
Childhood in the 30’s;
My playtime;
Annual Festival Concert, Cook County Sunday School Association, 1910

vol. 34 #4 Summer 2002
CGS at 35
CGS is sixteen years old (reprint)
Carl Schurz High School: Graduating Classes of 1926
19th century Chicago photographs, part 2
Dad, 89, and son, 65, get social security (John B. Adler, Sr. and Jr.)
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestor: Charles August Westberg
Florence Victoria Wilhelmy
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestor: Theodore Peter Lucas
Genealogy of Ruth Carbine Leach

vol. 34 #3 Spring 2002
Cover photo: Evangelical Lutheran Lebanon Church, Chicago
Meta Tiarks Baur
Lebanon Church history, Cragin
Cragin area of Chicago;
What’s in a name
My Swedish connections: how I found my Swedish relatives (Froberg, Lundin);
Childhood memories of Chicago’s northwest side;
Carl Schurz HIgh School: Graduating Class of 1925
Guide to 1930 census for Chicago: enumeration districts and ward boundaries
Some Newberry Library acquisitions in 2000-2001

vol. 34 #2 Winter 2001-2002
Cover photo: Frederick and Elizabeth (Bing) Metz
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestors: Frederick Metz and Elizabeth (Bing) Metz
Carrier Laederach
Suggestions on how to handle variant spellings of names for your charts and articles
Family of Paul Jankowski/Katherine Piotruszewski
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestor: Archibald Clybourne
Chicago ads of the 1880s
Emmel Building: a follow-up

vol. 34 #1 Fall 2001
Cover photo: Ann McDonnell
Miss Annie’s family: a tale of Chicago’s Irish (McDonnell and Walsh);
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestors: Anton and Ludmilla Marik;
Research notes on the Chicago Fire
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestor: John Peter Suerth
Germans to America, 1852
Salt Lake City: 2001

vol. 33 #4 Summer 2001
Cover photo: Charles Much hay and grain store
Calumet Club of Chicago;
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestor:Antoine Wilmet
My Irish immigrants (O’Brien and Keleher);
Greenwood brothers in Chicago, 1835

vol. 33 #3 Spring 2001
Carl Schurz High School (history, photos, andGraduating Classes of 1948-1951);
Emmel Building: an historic landmark;
What happened to Grandma’s (Barbara Reiff Feipel) maternity dress

vol. 33 #2 Winter 2000-2001
Chicago No-Jury Society of Artists [history and names of exhibiting artists];
Biography of John Charles Koch;
A Visit to the Harold Washington Library, Chicago
Answers to Genealogy puzzle #1

vol. 33 #1 Fall 2000
Cover photo: Josef Nevyhosteny and Josef Janda
Joseph Nevyhosteny and Joanna Louisa Welsh
Family of firefighters: Belsky
Salt Lake City research trip, May 2000: photos
Second hundred pioneer ancestor applications (Cook County)
Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railroad employee records for Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth and Northwest Wisconsin (1870-1896) – Chicago and Chicago area born employees
Obituary for Mary Kathleen Dembinski
Genealogy [crossword] puzzle #1

vol. 32 #4 Summer 2000
Cover photo: Jno. F. Matthews
Lake View Congregational Church, Lake View, Illinois 1885;
Biography of the Broecker and Neumann families
Beaubien School history
Some history of Jean Baptiste Beaubien
Roosevelt High School, Class of 1940
Gustaf Ludwig Napoleon Laurell, 1861-1934
Illinois and the War
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestor: John Kistenbroker
Fuhrman and Forster Company

vol. 32 #3 Spring 2000
Cover photo: Grandpa and Grandma Loacker
Chicago Catholic cemeteries: removals to Calvary Cemetery, part 2

vol. 32 #2 Winter 1999-2000
Cover photo: Mrs. Elizabeth Miliner Burkill
Chicago Catholic cemeteries: removals to Calvary Cemetery, part 1
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestor: James Mathews

vol. 32 #1 Fall 1999
Cover photo: Herbert Nelson Morris;
Actor in the family (Fred Taunton/Walter Pelham);
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestor: Peter Laux;
Chicago Fire;
Cemetery records and obituaries;
Civil War veterans living in the Austin area of Chicago c.1930
Military affairs (“Chicago Times”, 1862): departure of the Second Board of Trade regiment;
Names being researched by the Salt Lake City group

vol. 31 #4 Summer 1999
Cover photo: Maurice Kane
Out-of-town obituaries, 1996-1997: Chicagoans who died in California and Florida;
Historical marker, Oak Park, Cook County, Illinois;
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestor: Thomas McEnery;
Historical markers at the Kennicott House, The Grove, Glenview, Cook County
Salt Lake City research trip photos, May 16-23, 1999;
“Our trip West” (as seen through the eyes of Mary Greenwood in 1835);
Barbara Thiele Beese 5-generation chart;
Memorials in War Memorial Park, Arlington Heights, Cook County;
Official death record, published in the “Chicago Tribune”, 26 Oct 1897: burial permits

vol. 31 #3 Spring 1999
Cover photo: Mrs. Elizabeth Lauth;
Baptisms and marriages (1900-1910) performed by the Rev Joseph Misicka;
Ordinary man remembered 100 years later (Joseph Hack);
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestor: Peter J. Thornum;
Allen County Public Library: the Historical Genealogy Department;
Genealogical research for Chicago families: brought down to size

vol. 31 #2 Winter 1998-99
Cover photo: George W. Lyon;
19th century Chicagoans in photographs;
Chicago’s history lost [unidentified photographs];
“Old Catholic Cemetery” records: reburials from City Cemetery to St Boniface Cemetery;
I didn’t know my great grandfather had siblings (Jonathan Phillips);
Charlestons in Chicago

vol. 31 #1 Fall 1998
Cover photo: Fredericka Shillinglaw, 1860
Wards of Chicago in 1857
List of letters for Chicago, 1834
Fredericka Shillinglaw 1856-1930
Abstracts from pension records containing affidavits of Chicagoans
Read the whole page and disregard spelling
Land records research
Cook County Blackhawk War muster rolls as of May 3, 1832 (reprint)
Cook County Blackhawk War muster rolls as of July 23, 1832 (reprint)
1812 soldiers buried in Cook County (reprint)
Volga Germans in Jefferson Park

vol. XXX #4 Summer 1998
Cover photo: Thomas Stevens, Commander of the Order of Knights Templar of Illinois;
One hundred years ago on Blackstone Avenue
Marriage records of Gethsemane United Church of Christ: 1906-1936

vol. XXX #3 Spring 1998
Cover photo: 1700 N. Francisco grocery store (Treichel family)
Index to volumes XXII-XXVIII of the “Chicago Genealogist”

vol. XXX #2 Winter 1998
Cover photo: broom-making in 1892 (Treichel family)
Corrections to Quarterly Numbering;
Revised index for a 64-year old book (Czech and Slovak Leaders in Metropolitan Chicago by Daniel D. Droba)

vol. XXX #1 Fall 1997
Funeral records of Gethsemane United Church of Christ (L-Z);
Chicago burial permits and marriage licenses from 1898;
Civil War extracts from “Chicago Times,” August 1862

vol. XXIX #4 Summer 1997 (mislabeled Vol. XXIX #3)
Funeral records of Gethsemane United Church of Christ (A-L)
Research trip to Springfield: Illinois State Archives, Illinois State Library, and the Illinois State Historical Library;
Illinois State Archives, and the Illinois Regional Archives Depositories (IRAD);
Illinois Regional Archives Depository: Cook County branch
Research services available from the Archives and IRAD
Renamed Chicago streets: Town of Pullman
Chicago street numbering system
Chicago street name changes, 1937

vol. XXIX #3. Spring 1997
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestor: John Pletzer

vol. XXIX #2 Winter 1997
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestors: Ashbel and Harriet (Dawley) Steele
State Historical Society of Wisconsin library
Renamed Chicago streets, 1914
Chicago ward boundaries, December 4, 1911
Cemeteries in Chicago and vicinity, 1914

vol. XXIX #1 Fall 1996 (mislabeled vol. XXX #1)
Cover photo: Filip and Marie (Vondracek) Mrstny
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestor: James K. Martin
Chicago’s north side, a melting pot
Renamed streets of Chicago, 1900

vol. XXVIII #4 Summer 1996 (mislabeled vol. XXIX #4)
1995-1996 Surname Index of Members of the Chicago Genealogical Society

vol. XXVIII #3 Spring 1996 (mislabeled vol. XXIX #3)
Chicago Ancestor File Supplement #6

vol. XXVIII #2 Winter 1996
Cover: Manhattan Office Building, Dearborn Street, Chicago
First hundred Pioneer Ancestor applications
Matriarch Mary McMahon, 95, recalls early Chicago days;
Great Chicago Fire: how it originated (from the Chicago Tribune, Friday, October 20, 1871);
Chicago and Cook County war memorials
Sources on Czech research

vol. XXVIII #1 Fall 1995
Swedish immigrant carpenter, Axel Swenson, helps to build Chicago;
Diary of Mrs. Marie D. Nemecek;
History of Czechs in Chicago : the Chrs, Vaclav Topinka family
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestor: William Croscomb Coburn

vol. XXVII #4 Summer 1995
Cover: the Owings’ building
History of Czechs in Chicago: founding of the Gymnastic Society Union
Chicago Literary Club history from 1924-1946
Chicago Literary Club roll of members 1925-1946

vol. XXVII #3 Spring 1995
Cover: Press Club monument, Mt. Hope Cemetery
Musician Jan Novak and his family;
At death’s door: the deadly knife again (Berner murder July 1877)
Copies of records of the Cook County Criminal Court: (Berner murder July 1877)
The Press Club of Chicago;
Remembrances of a Norwegian immigrant girl in Chicago

vol. XXVII #2 Winter 1995
Cover: first Cook County courthouse, 1835
Religious Symbols ;
They had to hide their sex, but they passed muster – Civil War soldiers;
Oldest saloon in Chicago, founded in 1836
Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Archives Department;
Municipal Court of Chicago Proceedings in Feeblemindedness, 1915-1936

vol. XXVII #1 Fall 1994
Cover: typical corner store in Pilsen
David Lally, my unsuspected Civil War ancestor;
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestor, Daniel Moran;
Bohemian Funeral Directors’ Association;
Recollections of the old Chicago-Czech neighborhoods and selected translations from a Chicago-Czech neighborhood history;
Czech research in Chicago

vol. XXVI #4 Summer 1994
Cover photo: Green Tree Tavern, 1835
St. Salomea Parish 1897-1990;
St. Ludmilla’s Catholic Church Easter Sunday, 15 April 1906;
Titled Chicagoans
Some early Chicago Czechs from “The tenth anniversary of Czech Old Settlers”

vol. XXVI #3 Spring 1994
Cover photo: Union Stock Yards
1993-94 surname index of the Chicago Genealogical Society

vol. XXVI #2 Winter 1994
Cover photo: Sherman House
Story of the Chicago Fire of October 1871 as told by Grandma Hattie Dietz
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestors: Anna Eva Staat, Joseph and Anna Eva Kieserg, and Frantisek and Mary Vilim;
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestors: Benjamin B. Lincoln
Street sign genealogy;
18th century marriage customs in the Illinois country
Chicago ancestry of the first woman Illinois Supreme Court Justice, Mrs. Mary Ann Grohwin McMorrow;
Death and marriage extracts from “Chicago Times”, 19 June 1891 and 30 May 1895;
Death and marriage extracts from the “Chicago Times-Herald”, 8 Oct 1896

vol. XXVI #1 Fall 1993
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestors: Friedrich Gruschow and Carl Gruschow
Super Chicago trivia quiz;
Chicago case of a midwife olde;
Membership Directory of Tabernacle Independent Church, Chicago, 1878-1879

vol. XXV #4 Summer 1993
Cover photo: horse drawn car in Chicago
Some early Chicago documents 1833-1835
Little Anna Olsen and the Chicago Fire
Chicago Ancestor File Supplement #5 (A-Z)
Frances A. Rush
Family photograph album: Wagner and Heiser families and friends
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestor: Franz Anton Buscher

vol. XXV #3 Spring 1993
Cover photo: ferris wheel at World’s Columbian Exposition
World’s Columbian Exposition
Who was Richard Brown?
Chicago/Cook County Pioneer Ancestor: Barbara Reiff Feipel
Proviso Township High School, “Provi”, 1918
Senior citizens of Chicago, 1906

vol. XXV #2 Winter 1992/1993
Cover photo: Chicago and Northwest Railway Station, 1881
Genealogical data available in Railroad Historical Society Archives: Chicago & Northwestern Historical Society;
Record of burial permits: Town of Hyde Park, 2 Mar 1884 to 6 Jul 1886
Laws of genealogy
Fraternal lodges
Chicagoans related to the rich and/or famous
Research policy of Archdiocese of Chicago
Pieces of the past

vol. XXV #1 Fall 1992
Cover photo: Haugan and Lindgren Bankers, Chicago, 1879
History of the State Bank of Chicago from 1879 to 1904;
Straying to Chicago
Plymouth and South Congregational Church Members 1864-1974

vol. XXIV #4 Summer 1992
CGS 25th anniversary: highlights 1967-1992
Ancestor File Supplement #4 (H-Z)

vol. XXIV #3 Spring 1992
Memories 1880-1893 by Robert E. Haskin
Ancestor File Supplement #4 (A-H)

vol. XXIV #2 Winter 1991-92
Cover photo: Jacob Wingert’s Flour, Feed and Hay Store, circa 1890
Chicago Political Equality League
Plymouth and South Congregational Church members
Polish Pioneers on Chicago’s southeast side
Campbell Park Presbyterian Church Young People’s Society

vol. XXIV #1 Fall 1991
Excerpts from the Manual of Plymouth Church and Society of Chicago;
History of Avondale Methodist Church
Swenson Research Center and ELCA Synod Archives
A warm and golden day
Chicago in the Illinois State Historical Library
Chicago Fire and the family

vol. XXIII #4 Summer 1991
Cover: map of northern Illinois showing 1825 county boundaries
Early inhabitants of Chicago, 1825-1831
Fourth of July 1900s style
W.A. Haggard undertaker’s records, part 4, 1909-1916

vol. XXIII #3 Spring 1991
Reminiscences of Lake View;
Cemetery at Altenheim
Some Chicagoans who were the oldest living university graduates

vol. XXIII #2 Winter 1990-91
Cover: map of Chicago boundaries in 1840
Reclaiming your ancestors’ ancient titles
Chicago Lawn Historical Society
War memorial in Morton Grove
Morton Grove Historical Society
Lydia Schwartz Bible
Germans of early Chicago: the Lutheran churches
W.A. Haggard undertaker’s records, part 2, 1901-1903
W.A. Haggard undertaker’s records, part 3, 1904-1908
Boundaries of Chicago Wards in 1900

vol. XXIII #1 Fall 1990
Cover photo: club-house of the Union League of Chicago
Chicagoans on the Titanic;
Titanica genealogia
Chicago and Northwestern Railway Passenger Brakemen, Wisconsin Division, 1912-1939
Newspaper report of death and burials of students of Maryville Academy, 1936-1960

vol. XXII #4 Summer 1990
Eistaro Shin : Prairie Avenue’s 1st domestic engineer
Residents of some Chicago hotels in the 1860 census
Cemetery puzzles
Genealogical research in northern Ireland
W.A. Haggard undertaker’s records, part 1, 1895-1900

vol. XXII #3 Spring 1990
Chicago ladies who married noblemen;
Praha Lodge No. 231, I.O.O.F, deceased members 1886-1936
Chronology of nationality colonizations & migrations
Seward and related families

vol. XXII #2 Winter 1989-90
Cover photo: early stages of construction of Navy Pier
Being twice enumerated in the U.S. census
This was Chicago in 1860
Knott family accident
World War I memorial in Oak Park, Illinois
Season brings memories of Christmas tree ship

vol. XXII #1 Fall 1989
Cover photo: cornerstone laying, Diversey Parkway Evangelical Church
Calumet Club, 1900 and 1910;
Some Zander families
Cross index to selected city streets, 1910 census
Extracts from Veterans Census 1890, Chicago;
Genealogy can help in unusual ways
Mostly vital statistics, Deerfield News, 1941
Abstracts from Cemetery Deed Book 1, Bohemian Polish Catholic Cemetery Society
Ivins family Bible records
Pioneers of St Gertrude Parish, Chicago

vol. XXI #4 Summer 1989
First in Lake County, Illinois
Parish histories in the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago Archives
World War I newsletter
Chicago Ancestor File Supplement #3 (N-Z)

vol. XXI #3 Spring 1989
Railroad Regiment of Illinois
History of the 89th Brigade
Catholic Archives offer access to historical treasures
Researching a Lincolnshire family
Chicago Ancestor File Supplement #3 (F-N)

vol. XXI #2 Winter 1988-89
Prairie Avenue servants, 1900
Wilson family of early Chicago
Blue Book of Chicago: clubs & societies in 1900
What is a national genealogical conference?
Chicago Ancestor File Supplement #3 (A-F)

vol. XXI #1 Fall 1988
Search for East Chicago
Todten register (Death book) of Evangelical Lutheran Church of St Paul, Austin (Chicago)
Pioneer days of the early west
Location of church & school records for some Catholic parishes in Chicago
Right under my nose

vol. XX #4 Summer 1988
Information relating to the streets of Chicago
Confirmation classes of Evangelical Lutheran Church of St Paul, Austin (Chicago)
Female proprietors of businesses in 1892 Chicago
Chicago to Frisco hikers
Genealogy, the burgeoning avocation

vol. XX #3 Spring 1988
Cover photo: first city plan of Chicago
Braasch, Kluck and Zander families of the Clearing area;
Abstracts From Cemetery Deed Book 1, Bohemian National Cemetery, Chicago
Early banking institutions in the City of Chicago
Bible records: Robinson & Conn

vol. XX #2 Winter 1987-88
Bohemians in Chicago, “Chicago Times” Sunday, January 24, 1892;
In search of the Poull family
Lake County Illinois marriage license applications, Spring 1919
Chicago Lawn in the early days
225 year calendar

vol. XX #1 Fall 1987
Cover photo: Chicago stage office of Frink and Walker
Some facts about St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church
Calvary Cemetery, Evanston, Illinois: burials of 17 families
Remembrances of 19th century Bridgeport
Chicago Business Directory, 1 September 1871
Notes on German immigration
Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Chicago Lodge Directory 1912-1913
Petition for charter 1913 : four AF&AM lodges

vol. XIX #4 Summer 1987
Marriage registers of various counties in Ontario, 1857-1869
1885-1887, Elsinore News, Elsinore, San Diego County
War memorials and/or historical markers in the Chicago area

vol. XIX #3 Spring 1987
Lake County marriage license applications, Fall 1918;
Letter from England with a letter to England
Welsh Letters – Perspective of Chicago, 1870-1871
Computerized genealogy

vol. XIX #2 Winter 1987
Cover photo: John Bundschuh meat market
Naturalization: an article in the Chicago Tribune, 19 April 1968
Marie’s Letter
More mid-19th century [1920s and 1930s] births in northwest Illinois;
Saint Mary’s Cemetery, Des Plaines, Illinois;
Baptismal record of Gethsemane United Church of Christ, part 6
Ancestor File Supplement #2 (A-Z)
Welsh letters

vol. XIX #1 Fall 1986
Illinoisans Who Died in Las Vegas in 1961 and 1965;
Marriage permits in Chicago Feb 14, 1887
Baptismal record of Gethsemane United Church of Christ, part 5;
McCormick Optical College, 1899
Chicago, end of the trail?

vol. XVIII #4 Summer 1986
Vaughn Bible records
Chicago volunteers for the Mexican War
Superstitions against the early censuses
Ancestral File Supplement #1 (O-Z)
Baptismal record of Gethsemane United Church of Christ, part 4

vol. XVIII #3 Sprin 1986
Intution is not very scientific but sometimes it works
Baptismal record of Gethsemane United Church of Christ, part 3;
Johann Jakob Koch
Memorials to deceased students and faculty of Notre Dame High School, Niles, Illinois
Some mid 19th century births in northeast Illinois (excluding Chicago)
Ancestor File Supplement #1 (E-N)
Listing of non-train employees of the Wisconsin Division, Chicago and Northwestern Railway serving in Cook and Lake County locations, 1930’s

vol. XVIII #2 Winter 1986
Baptismal record of Gethsemane United Church of Christ, part 2
Earliest German Lutheran Churches in the Chicago area
Fischer family Bible
Ancestor File Supplement #1 (A-E)
James Fairman Cady family Bible
Chicago Examiner January 1-15, 1910 part Two
Grand Army of the Republic, the Austin Post

vol. XVIII #1 Fall 1985
Illinoisans Who Died in Jefferson County Wisconsin, 1930-1948;
Willa Vawter Jackson
Abbie Jemison Pierce
Doane Family Association of America
Talk to me Sam… where did you come from? [Samuel Benson Higenbotham]
John Viall Holland Bible
Baptismal record of Gethsemane United Church of Christ, 1906-1969, part 1;
Almost 100 years ago
Female Patients, Cook County Insane Asylum, Town of Norwood, 1900
Chicago Examiner January 1-15, 1910
Old Monroe Street

vol. XVII #4 Summer 1985
An early Chicago gazetteer
Patients, Cook County Insane Asylum, 1900
Men of 1912
Michigan-Illinois vital statistics, part II
History of St. Joseph’s Carondelet Child Center, 739 East 35th St, Chicago
Some pension data, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, French and Indian Wars, Mexican War
First census records in European countries
Bible recorda: family record of Mason Clem

vol. XVII #3 Spring 1985
Cover photo: raising of Briggs House in 1857
Research in Hesse
United States welcomes the three sisters
Sequel to “A genealogical tip from a letter”
Letter and Duvall family Bible records
Roster of Tents, Illinois Department, National Alliance Daughters of Veterans, USA, 1922
Court of Honor, World’s Columbian Exposition, 1893

vol. XVII #2 Winter 1985
Who’s who in the Chicago Genealogical Society: Ruth Flesher Robb
Early Swedes in Chicago
Cracker Jack family of Chicago
More Harvey Ehlers research
Chicago Metro History Fair
Fort Dearborn Muster Roll, 31 May 1812
Chicagoans married in Canada, 1837-1855
Salisbury material, memoranda of journey to Illinois in 1831
A Quaker letter
Bible records: Rev. Soldier John Lanning
Bible records: William DeHaven and Elizabeth Brown
Bible records: Orson Pickens family

vol. XVII #1 Fall 1984
Cover photo: Lake Street retail stores, 1843
Who’s who in the Chicago Genealogical Society: Bernice C. Richard
Early gleanings in Chicago 1871-1873
Late surviving Civil War nurses
That important “letter”
[History of] Streets and Highways of Chicago

vol. XVI #4 Summer 1984
Cover photo: view from the Water Tower, 1874
Who’s who in the Chicago Genealogical Society: Margaret Eleanor Johnson Drake
Birth & baptismal records, 1884-1900, Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Paul, Austin, Illinois
Robb research adventure
Lurie Index
Early gleanings in Chicago 1871-1873

vol. XVI #3 Spring 1984
Cover photo: Drexel Boulevard, 1882
Early gleanings about Chicago, The German Society, 1854
Hands across the waters
Roster of tents, Illinois Department, National Alliance Daughters of Veterans, USA 1922;
Letters about Hyde Park
Chicago school teachers killed in Iroquois Theatre fire
German Catholic Orphan Asylum: 1880 census, Lakeview Township, Cook County
Bible records: Gray-Wetherbee
Bible records: family of Joshua Wright, Jr.
Early gleanings about Chicago: Chicago “firsts”
Augustana Hospital centennial
Ancestor charts: Hubrich-Kopplin ; Grennan ; Donlan ; Bullman-Day-Stein
Some Illinois-Michigan vital statistics
List of articles about German people in the “Chicago History” magazine, 1945-1983
List of prominent buildings burned in the Chicago Fire, 1871

vol. XVI #2 Winter 1984
Who’s who in the Chicago Genealogical Society: Clarence and Florence Price
Iroquois Theater Fire deaths and injured, 30 December 1903
History of Chicago daily papers
Railroads in operation, January 1, 1878
Chicago Deaths, 1925, from Daily News Almanac
Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery in Ogle County, Illinois
Picture on the wall

vol. XVI #1 Fall 1983
Who’s who in the Chicago Genealogical Society: Sheila Weber Aszling
Church records: Long Grove, Illinois, Lake County
Data specialist can’t be stumped tracing family tree
Board of Education proceedings: September 1873 to September 1884
Early Chicago gleanings
Father builds a house
Gentzel-Homnsen family history
Chicago Maritime Society
Membership of the Luther League: the Covenant Lutheran Church
Research in Pomerania
Belgian genealogy research
German family research addresses and translators
Family research for Americans of Swiss descent
Bible records: Barrickman family
Bible records: Mierendorf family
Youngest soldier in the Union Army
Tallest trees in the forest

vol. XV #4 Summer 1983
Poles in Chicago, part III
List of libraries holding Germanic roots of Chicagoans Harvey Metzger Ehlers & Evelynne Meiborg Ehrlers;
For sale: a Lincoln landmark
Standard Guide to Chicago, 1891
Mayors of Chicago
“WOP” defined
Metzgers from Dinkelsbuhl, Bavaria
Outstanding Chicago women: Emma Abbott (1850-1891)
Bouwsma four-generation lineage chart
Bible records: Josephine L. Schweitzer

vol. XV #3 Spring 1983
Cover photo: Sheldon residence, 1893, Chicago;
Poles in Chicago, Part II;
Chicago theater;
Importance of homework;
Bethlehem Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church of Berwyn;
German research;
Duke Bible records;
St. Mary’s Sisters of Mercy 1850;
Genealogy of a bank;
Early Chicago gleanings 1844 ;
Michigan marriage licenses 1894-95 from the “Adrian Daily Times and Expositer” [people who claimed Chicago or Illinois as their home];
Outstanding Chicago women: Mrs Potter Palmer (1851-1918);
Outstanding Chicago women: Frances Elizabeth Willard (1839-1898);
Chicagoans on the banks of the Zanja: the story of Redlands;
An immigrant in the family;
Chicago Daily News Almanac and Yearbook for 1919;
Horse-railroads in Chicago

vol. XV #2 Winter 1982/83
Vital statistics from “The Inland Printer”, 1883-1888
Wolf’s Point, Chicago
Land records
Treasury of birth records [Northwestern Memorial Hospital Archives]
Poles in Chicago, part I
Mrs. Myra Bradwell
Ship’s passenger lists [arrived NY January 1840 and July 1841]
Chicago and Northwestern Historical Society
List of German translators

vol XV #1 Fall 1982
Cover photo: Art Palace, World’s Columbian Exposition, 1893
To be or not to be… a teacher of genealogy
German-born Chicago businessmen from 1905 “Book of Chicagoans”, part 1
My Civil War soldier relative
Records of Chicago Central High School 1859-1880
Snyder photo album
Some map uses in genealogical research
Did your Chicago ancestors own their house?
More German material
From a little letter grew
Bible records: Dr. Danforth Chamberlain
Bible records: Joshua Wright, Jr. family

vol. XIV #4
Cover photo: Wolf Point, 1835
Chicago Germans, part II
Polish research & CGS
1860 census of Cook County, Illinois South Chicago Twp, Chicago Post Office Chicago officials, 1844;
Ancestors of Arne Arnesen and Karoline Paulsen
Descendants of Arne and Karoline (Paulsdatter) Arnesen (who settled just outside Chicago);
1893 World’s Fair visit
Bible records: Walter Harbin family
Bible records: William Price family
On to Chicago
German-Russian Society

vol. XIV #3 Spring 1982
Cover photo: Transportation Building, World’s Columbian Exposition, 1893
Classroom copying
A sketch of the Arnesen family’s early history in Chicago
Bible records: Wilson family
Illinois vital records
Chicago nurses 1864-65
Illinois Soldiers and Sailors Home indexed
Biographical and industry file at Newberry Library
A genealogical tip from a letter
Early Chicago gleanings
Churches and their pastors
Chicago Ancestor File
Pedigree chart: Evelynne M. Ehlers
Pedigree chart: Harvey M. Ehlers

vol. XIV #2 Winter 1981-82
Cover photo: Fisheries Building, World’s Columbian Exposition, 1893
Hibernian research
Cook County Poor House
Chicago landmarks information
Charlotte Snyder’s early Chicago Family
Continuation of the Chicago Police Department, year of 1859-1860
Chicago Municipal Reference Library
Business and professional directory, City of Chicago, 1844
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Ehlers’ German roots
How a family history book is born
Depression days in Chicago
Bible records: Daniel Crane family Bible
Growing up Dutch in Chicago

vol. XIV #1 Fall 1981
Cover photo: Administration Building, World’s Columbian Exposition, 1893
Excerpts from Carl Mostrom’s diary
Genealogical education
Chicago Police Department year of 1859-1860
Early Chicago gleanings
Chicago Historical Society Library
History of the parishes of the Archdiocese of Chicago (book review)
Locating the village of origin for an immigrant ancestor

vol. XIII #4 Summer 1981
Cover photo:
Chicago miscellany from the 1860 census: various hotels;
Bible records: Wright, Rees, Hinners, Hull-Chesnutt, Vasey-Powers;
1860 census, residents of Poor House, Jefferson Twp, Cook County;
1900 census of blacks in Evanston, Illinois, ward 1, Cook County;
Genealogist’s disease: no known cure

vol. XIII #3 Spring 1981
1900 census, Arlington Heights Village, Wheeling Twp, Cook County: residents of the Lutheran Old People’s Home;
Thom family letters, part 3;
Nachusa Cemetery, Lee County, Illinois;
Genealogical seminars: a personal experience;
Chicago miscellany from the 1860 census: hotels, and Home of the Friendless;
Catholic cemeteries of the Chicago area Archdiocese of Chicago;
Chicago Ancestor File

vol. XIII #2 Winter 1980-81
Cover photo: Prairie Avenue;
Evanston, Illinois, part IV: 1850 census of Evanston (formerly Grosse Point and Ridgeville);
Thom Family Letters, part 2;
Chicago miscellany from the 1860 census: Matteson House, Gage’s Hotel, Doty House, Stanwix Hall, Uhlicks Hotel;
Chicago Community Names;
Our cemetery adventure in Detroit;
Lots sold in Fort Dearborn Addition to the town of Chicago, 1837;
Duckwall Hoerig family Bible records

vol. XIII #1 Fall 1980
Cover photo: residence of Archibald Clybourne;
Names appearing in Abstract of Title for Wakeman’s subdivision, Cook County, 1835-1919;
Evanston, Illinois, part III: personal memories of Ridgeville Township;
Stettinius family genealogy;
Peoria County personal property assessment for 1825;
Thom family letters;
Cemeteries of Lake County Illinois

vol. XII #4 Summer 1980
Genealogical records and mail research policy of the Illinois State Archives;
Biography of artist Burt Barnes;
Directory for the Village of Wilmette Illinois, 1904: S-Z;
Rose family Bible records;
Chicago Ancestor File

vol. XII #3 Spring 1980
Early Chicago settlers: Stephen J. Scott;
Chicago marriages recorded in Fulton County;
Chicago marriages recorded in Peoria County;
Name index to early Illinois records at the Illinois State Archives;
Evanston, Illinois, part I: early Evanston;
Evanston, Illinois, part II: biographies of early Evanston residents;
Directory for the Village of Wilmette Illinois, 1904: L-R;
Forbes family Bible records

vol. XII #2 Winter 1979-80
Roots in France and Spain;
Federal census: “Noyesville,” Proviso Twp, Cook County;
Wills and probate records in Cook County;
Chicago miscellany from the 1860 census: Sisters of Mercy, teachers, people in the county jail and orphan asylum and at the Tremont House Hotel;
Partial list of hereditary and patriotic organizations;
Directory for the Village of Wilmette Illinois, 1904 : E-K

vol. XII #1 Fall 1979
Organized Illinois local genealogical societies;
Extracts from 1911 Whiting City Indiana Almanac;
Baccalaureate alumni of the University of Illinois for the City of Chicago Q-Z;
Directory for the Village of Wilmette Illinois, 1904: A-D

vol. XI #4 Summer 1979
Cover photo: residence of Potter Palmer;
Chicago obituaries in “Der Christliche Botschafter” 1844-1871;
Baccalaureate alumni of the University of Illinois for the City of Chicago I-P;
Chicago cemetery research;
Application for verification of birth, grades, or scores based on elementary school records of the Chicago Public Schools;
Chicago Ancestor File

vol. XI #3 Spring 1979
Cover photo: Chicago’s first school house;
Skeleton keys;
Some early Irish residents of Chicago’s west side;
Chicago ward boundaries;
Irish emigration of 1846 onwards

vol. XI #2 Winter 1978-79
Interview with an 87-year-old Chicago settler: Mrs. Hulda Lewis;
Baccalaureate alumni of the University of Illinois for the City of Chicago A-H;
Organizing a successful genealogical workshop;
Researched at the Newberry Library: Mutchler family in Pennsylvania and New Jersey;
Ancestral chart: Eilrich;
Gage Park and the man for whom it was named: George W. Gage;
Roman Catholic registers of the Liverpool England Diocese;
Lewis family Bible records;
Lewis ancestor chart

vol. XI #1 Fall 1978
Incorporated municipalities of Illinois in the Chicago area: Lake County, Peoria County;
What’s in a surname;
National Woman’s Relief Corps, auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic;
Searching German Lutheran churches in Chicago, 1865-1900 period;
Ancestral chart: Albert Hyland Tresselt;
Genealogy and history;
First 87 burials at Mt. Olive Cemetery, Jefferson Township, Cook County;
Cook County naturalization records;
Berry family Bible;

vol. X #4 Summer 1978
Order of the Society of Founders and patriots of America;
Baccalaureate alumni of the University of Illinois: class of 1876;
Incorporated municipalities of Illinois 1833-1960: Champaign County, Kane County, Kankakee County;
Ancestry of James Way;
Caddick family of England and Chicago;
Bible record of Cox family;
Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery inscriptions, Des Plaines;
Chicago Ancestor File

vol. X #3 Spring 1978
Autobiography of Lewis Lawrence (“Dick”) Powell;
Hitting the genealogical jackpot;
Society of Colonial Wars;
Some baptisms and burials in County Louth, Ireland;
Chicago city officers, 1850;
Diagram of Cook County, 1850:
Understanding the French Republican calendar;
Incorporated municipalities of Illinois: Jun 9, 1873 to Apr 26, 1960;
Cook County delegates, 1847;
Baccalaureate alumni of the University of Illinois: class of 1875;
Bible records: Beasley and Brownfield

vol. X #2 Winter 1978
Aids for locating your immigrant ancestor;
Incorporated municipalities in the Chicago area prior to August 15, 1872;
Who’s who in CGS: Bea Jenkins;
Sons of the American Revolution;
Let the imagination run wild : fun with genealogy;
Baccalaureate alumni of the University of Illinois: class of 1874;
Family tree of the Leards;
Bible record: Riffle-Herrick family;
Ward boundaries in 1869;
Ward boundaries in 1876;
David Walsh, 1815-1899;
Communities of Chicago up to 1950: Washington Park
Continuation of Rosma Limbeck’s chart;
Ancient Waddington ancestry;
Property problems in early Chicago

vol. X #1 Fall 1977
Who’s who in CGS: Ruth & Bill Robb;
Discovering Mayflower descendants “lost” in Nova Scotia;
List of advertisers in the “Chicago Daily Democrat”, October 2, 1850;
City of Chicago, seat of Cook County;
Supervisors of Cook County 1850;
Sons of Revolution;
Baccalaureate alumni of the University of Illinois: classes of 1872 and 1873;
Ancestral chart of Rosma Rathbun Limbeck;
Bible records: Brown-Starr and Butterfield-Pearce;
Donaldson Bible

vol. IX #4 Summer 1977
Frisian forebears on this side of the pond (part four);
English research;
King, Thompson, Mills family of Virginia and Missouri;
Orphans court records, Cook County (continued) 1895;
Sons of the Union veterans of the Civil War;
Huguenot ancestors;
Friedrich Schalow and Emilie (Strubel) Schalow, a short sketch and facts;
Logan Square, a brief history;
Brown Bible records;
David M. Jones Bible;
From a Bible, owner unknown (Diamond family);
Riddler, Strubler, Sanderson, Collins Bible transcriptions;
Archibald Conn’s family records;
Chicago Ancestor File

vol. IX #3 Spring 1977
Cover drawing: Dearborn Street drawbridge built in 1834;
Genealogy and the law (second of a series);
Some finding aids in the British National Archives;
1860 census, New Trier Township, Cook County (continued);
Finding Frisian forebears across the pond (part three);
Orphans court records, Cook County (continued) 1891-1894;
Military Order of the Loyal Legion;
History of Eden family in Chicago;
Techny burial permits;
Black genealogy;
Bible records: Elisha Raymond;
List of pupils in Miss Georgia Smith’s classes in 1853-54

vol. IX #2 Winter 1976
English research;
1860 census, New Trier Township, Cook County (continued);
Finding Frisian forebears across the pond (part two);
Orphans court records, Cook County (continued) 1890-1891;
Chicago city directories on microfilm at the Joseph Regenstein Library, University of Chicago;
General Society of 1812;
Thought dead 34 years, alive: John Wilson, Mrs. Ellen Wilson, O. Wilson;
How to find a Quaker forebear;
Interest in genealogy leads to better health;
Lombard Historical Society, and Palatine Historical Society;
Ancestral five-generation chart: Dr. Robert John Tharp;
Climbing out of the family tree (Beaudoin);
Immigration German style;
Chicagoans wed at St. Joseph, Michigan, in 1905

vol. IX #1 Fall 1976
Genealogy and the law: problems and sources;
Immigration Irish style;
English genealogy (first of a series);
Society of the Cincinnati;
Finding Frisian forebearers across the pond or a baffling mystery solved;
Kite Bible records;
1860 census, New Trier Township, Cook County

vol. VIII #4 Summer 1976
Cover photo: Snell Toll Gate House in 1879;
Weinrich family of Chicago;
People listed as dead in the 1850 census of Chicago;
Bible records: King, Shook;
Chicago Ancestor File

vol. VIII #3 Spring 1976
Cover photo: Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Paul
Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Paul, history and marriage register;
1876 prophecy of Chicago on the 4th of July 1976;
Elder family record;
Bible records: Battershell, Hart;
1860 federal census for Dunton (later Arlington Heights), G-Z

vol. VIII #2 Winter 1976
Cover photo: Glos Mansion, Elmhurst;
Chicago’s plank roads;
Arlington Heights (once called Dunton), Wheeling Township: brief biographies of early residents;
1860 federal census for Dunton (later Arlington Heights), A-G;
1839 directory of the City of Chicago, P-Z;
Humor from the past, abstracted from Chicago Daily Journal, 1847;
Johnston family Bible

vol. VIII #1 Fall 1975
Cover photo: Newberry Library;
Amendment of Illinois Vital Records Act;
Tools and techniques at the Newberry Library;
1839 directory of the City of Chicago, A-P;
Bible records: Robson

vol. VII #4 Summer 1975
Cover photo: Stacey’s Tavern in Glen Ellyn before 1900;
Chicago Ancestor File;
Chicago first city cemetery;
Illinois Church Records Card-file project: Instructions for collating church records;
Obituary (a list from before 1900), G-Z;
Ancestral charts: Harper;
Research in New Brunswick

vol. VII #3 Spring 1975
Cover photo: Brockway Street, Palatine Illinois 1900-1910;
Letters to the West from a Chicago pioneer, Elizabeth Lupton Pardee;
Probate records: a genealogical goldmine;
Safety deposit box certificate vital statistics: safety deposit boxes rented during 1889;
Obituary (a list from before 1900), A-G;
Bible records: Oxley-Whetstone, Pardee;
1904 directory of the Village of Winnetka, P-Z;
Ancestral charts: Bigelow, Brewer, Wyse;
Historical societies in the Chicago area

vol. VII #1 Fall 1974
Cover photo: Chicago October 10, 1871;
Who’s who in the Chicago Genealogical Society: Bernice Richard;
Glenview area burial places, Northfield Township
St John’s Lutheran Church cemetery, Northfield Township;
Illinois church records card-file project;
Manual of the First Presbyterian Church of Hyde Park, 1873;
1904 directory of the Village of Winnetka, A-E;
Teem’s Bible records;
Ancestral charts: Albert, Bishop
vol. VII #2 Winter 1975
Cover photo: cowpath in Chicago’s Loop;
Forest Park pioneers;
Calumet Club;
Morley family memorabilia including Morley Bible records;
1904 directory of the Village of Winnetka, E-P

vol. VI #4 Summer 1974
Cover photo: Archimedes ship;
Who’s who in the Chicago Genealogical Society: June B. Barekman;
Pupils admitted to Chicago High, July 3, 1867;
Big Woods Congregational Church cemetery, Naperville Township;
You think your newspapers pile up? Well, take a look at this place!: American Antiquarian Society;
Contents of the twelfth census (1900) of the United States;
Ancestral charts: Tenge, Royer, Hogan

vol. VI #3 Spring 1974
Who’s who in the Chicago Genealogical Society: Ron Schelkopf;
Inhabitants of Chicago, 1825-1831;
Wills filed 1850-1915, Cook County, W-Z;
Bible records of Henry L. Walker;
Ancestral charts: Mutter, McClaughry, Fowler, Martin, Lee, Eilers

vol. VI #2 Winter 1973-74
Cover photo: raising the grade on Clark Street in 1857;
Who’s who in the Chicago Genealogical Society: Elsie R. Swartz;
Men who have made the fifth ward;
Early Chicago marriages between 1825-1830;
History of medical practice in Illinois, vol. I preceeding 1850;
Gridley family cemetery;
From the Schermer genealogy;
Du Page County, Illinois, and its pioneers before 1840;
Wesley Rollen Lindsay;
Steen family Bible records;
Wills filed 18550-1915 Cook County, T-V;
Ancestral charts: Pagel

vol. VI #1 Fall 1973
Cover photo: first house built in Chicago in 1784;
Who’s who in the Chicago Genealogical Society: Evelyn Tuttle Rickie;
Searching for your ancestors in the Netherlands;
German script;
Deerfield Illinois in Lake County;
Wills filed 1850-1915, Cook County, R-S;
Bible records of Ezekiel Lane and Talitha Guest Lane;
Ancestral charts: Clark, Langdon

vol. V #4 Summer 1973
Fun in the family tree;
Facts of Chicago and suburban towns;
Military addresses in England, Ireland, and Scotland;
Methodist records in Manchester, England;
Ministerial deaths, United Methodist Church, Northern Illinois Conference;
Mayflower descendants of George Soule;
Wills filed 1850-1915, Cook County, O-Q;
Ancestral charts: Johnson; Knigge

vol. V #3 Spring 1973
Cover photo: Sherman House;
Kiolbassa family of Illinois and Texas;
City of Chicago ward boundaries in 1890;
Suggestions in tracing your English ancestor from England to America through Newberry Library sources;
Wills filed 1850-1915 Cook County, M-N;
Synopsis of the life of Mrs Phil Sheridan, Tent No. 4, Daughters of Veterans;
Ancestral charts: Oxley, Sherman, Barekman
From the Schermer genealogy;
Norwegian Old Settlers Society in Chicago;
Some passenger lists and where to find them

vol. V #2 Winter 1972-73
Cover photo: Chicago water works;
Curious history of the Macarty family of Louisiana;
Cook County items from the 1850s;
List of some officers of the regular army at Vandalia, Illinois, March 4, 1830;
Kandy-Stewart Bible records;
Welden-Thrift Bible records;
1904 directory for the Village of Glencoe, M-Z;
Wills filed 1850-1915, H-L;
Ancestral charts: Simmons, Parkhurst, Walker

vol. V #1 Fall 1972
Roster of military commandants at the “Poste des Illinois”;
Wills filed 1850-1915 Cook County, A-H;
Fay-Milner genealogy, England to Illinois;
100 basic American research aids;
1904 directory for the Village of Glencoe, K-M

vol. IV #4 Summer 1972
Early Chicago families: Lunholm, Ekvall, Johnston, Stephens, Wiggins;
1904 directory for the Village of Glencoe, F-K;
Revolutionary soldiers and widows who lived in Illinois, H-Z;
Riffle family Bible record

vol. IV #3 Spring 1972
Chiago Genealogical Society’s surname exchange, 1972;
Roster of Revolutionary War soldiers and widows who lived in Illinois, A-H;
1904 directory for the Village of Glencoe, part II, D-F;
Mayors of the City of Chicago

vol. IV #2 Winter 1971
Stockyard gate to be landmark;
Using National Archives materials;
Barekman-Barkman Bible records;
Genealogical gleanings from English parish records;
Directory for the Village of Glencoe, 1904, A-D;
John Jones, first prominent negro of Chicago;
Second Presbyterian Church of Chicago, part VI, J-M

vol. 4 #1 Fall 1971
Heraldry and coats of arms;
Draheim family record;
Voters in the first city election of Chicago, 2 May 1837, A-Z;
Agencies involved in German genealogical research;
Second Presbyterian Church of Chicago, part V, H-J

vol. 3 #4 Summer 1971
Cover photo: McVicker’s Theater;
History of Englewood;
Old settlers of Englewood;
Brief history of DuPage County;
1840 census of DuPage County;
1904 directory of Kenilworth, A-Z;
List of settlers of Chicago who came between 1831 and 1836, part IV, M-Z;
Greeley Bible record;
Second Presbyterian Church of Chicago, part IV, F-H

vol. 3 #3 Spring 1971
Chicago Fire centennial medal;
Ravenswood and northwest Chicago;
Hint for copying tombstone inscriptions;
Calkins family record;
Early history of Blue Island;
Some suggestions for genealogical research;
1840 census of Lake County, Illinois;
List of settlers of Chicago who came between 1831 and 1836, part III, F-M;
Second Presbyterian Church of Chicago, part III, C-F

vol. 3 #2 Winter 1970
Cover photo: Seth Warner mansion;
Austin old settlers, A-C;
Second Presbyterian Church of Chicago, part II;
Joseph Wesley Bible;
Barlow Bible record;
List of settlers of Chicago who came between 1831 and 1836, part II, D-F;
Town of Pullman;
Cards from Chicago newspapers;
Four old New York wills of interest: Joseph Halstead, Daniel Youngs, Elijah Wheeler, Mercy Cooper

vol. 3 #1 Fall 1970
Tools and technique of genealogical research;
List of settlers of Chicago who came between 1831 and 1836, part I, A-D;
Second Presbyterian Church of Chicago, part I;
Chicago Fire;
Chicago biographies, part V, N-Y;
Cook County orphan court records for 1889;
What’s in a date

vol. II #4 Summer 1970
Cover photo: Crosby’s Opera House;
Unnamed Lake County cemetery;
List of cemeteries in Cook County, part II;
Mooseheart Senior Class book of 1919;
Family record of Bartlet Wilson of Douglas County, Missouri;
Chicago biographies, part IV;
1887 Oak Park directory, part V, H-Z ;
Sale bill from Elihu Lane’s estate;
Index to the 1840 federal census of Cook County, part IV

vol. II #3 Spring 1970
Description of Norwegian emigrants;
Parallel events in the lies of the Bristol brothers;
Millesont Orcutt’s autograph book;
Burr Bible record;
Newton sampler;
Orphan court records of Cook County, 1883-1888;
Illinois, the sucker state;
List of cemeteries in Cook County, part I;
Chicago biographies, part III;
Index to the 1840 federal census of Cook County, part III;
1887 Oak Park directory, part IV, K-M;
Ancestor tables: Springer, Thomas, Lane

vol. II #2 December 1969
Descendants of Reuben Raxford and Avis Fittock;
Bible record of William Cooke and Elizabeth Young;
Index to the 1860 federal census of Cook County;
Chicago biographies (continued);
Graceland Cemetery;
1825 Cook County tax list;
Cook County voters, August 7, 1826;
1830 Cook County voters;
Cook County post offices established prior to 1850;
1887 Oak Park directory, part III, H-J

vol. II #1 September 1969
Winnetka’s centennial;
List of letters remaining at the post office at Chicago Jan 1, 1834;
List of letters remaining at the post office at Hennepin Jan 1, 1834;
St. Peter’s Cemetery, Elmhurst, Illinois;
Early orphan records of Cook County, Illinois 1873-1881;
Index to the 1840 federal census of Cook County;
Fort Dearborn deserters, 1836;
Chicago biographies;
1887 Oak Park directory, part II, C-H

vol. I #2 June 1969
1839 Chicago business directory;
Roos and Burtar families in Chicago;
1812 soldiers buried in Cook County;
Cook County Blackhawk War muster rolls;
Hahn Bible records;
Hains Bible records;
Chicago Title and Trust Company;
Origin of Chicago’s name;
Chicago population statistics;
Pedigree charts;
Map of Oak Park;
1887 Oak Park directory, part I, A-C

vol. I #1 March 1969
Early history of Chicago;
Barickman and Goodyear Bible records;
New Illinois and county histories

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