bus-tour-pic-11Seats Still Available – CGS Fall Bus Tour

There are seats still available for the Chicago Genealogical Society’s Fall Bus Tour on October 1st – Register Today! CGS Full Day Genealogy Bus Tour with tour guide Craig Pfannkuche, “Notable Chicago Disasters That Affected Your Ancestor’s Lives.”

October 1, 2016 – 9:30am – 4:00pm

Chicago has been the home of many notable disasters in its history beginning, of course, with the Ft. Dearborn “Massacre.” Genealogists might question why a genealogical society would sponsor such a ghoulish tour. The answer is relatively simple and can be found in the manuscripts, books and newspapers created in response to those disasters. They are a great genealogy resource!

Disasters make news. After the question of “What happened?” usually comes the question of who it was who were injured and killed. Lists of the dead and injured are compiled and written down or printed. It is those lists which become treasures of information for family historians. Many of us have family ancestors who were swept up in one way or another in great disasters. The nature of their exit from history can provide us with a great deal of family history information. An early 20th century murdering great uncle of the guide for this tour generated 61 pages of newsprint filled with masses of personal family history data! As unfortunate as it was for those overwhelmed by events, the method of their passing or of their survival provides family historians with a marvelous opportunity to give life and historical context to our ancestors.

We ask “What happened to our ancestors who “disappeared” into Chicago?” Why, we wonder, does the trail of family history grow cold in the depths of the city’s anonymous hustle and bustle? Were they killed in a train wreck? Did they burn to death in a “famous” fire? Were they jailed or hung after an infamous trial? Were they shot in a gangland shooting or did they survive drowning in a maritime disaster? Did they fall out of the sky in an airplane crash? Were they imprisoned in a large prisoner of war compound and died there?

The CGS bus tour will visit many such sites. Our guide Craig Pfannkuche will tell the stories of these disasters and suggest where the lists of dead and injured can be found. Hopefully, other fellow travelers will tell the stories of their own ancestors swept up in a notable Chicago disaster as well. Note: there will be four stops off the bus and one four block walk.

The bus will be ready for boarding promptly at 9:30 a.m. and will depart from and return to the northwest corner of the Ogilvie Transportation Center (Madison and Clinton Streets) in Chicago.

Seats are limited and reservations are required. First come, first reserved. Fee based on member/non-member and optional lunch. Registration is now open. Print out the reservation form to mail in or pay online www.chicagogenealogy.org. We will meet at the Ogilvie Transportation Center in downtown Chicago at 9:30am on October 1st.


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Seats Still Available – CGS Fall Bus Tour